Some Quality of Life Improvement Suggestions

Hello KCD Forum:

I’m greatly addicted to this game, so much so that I’m starting a quest to collect EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the game just so satisfy my hoarding impulse. However during my time playing this game I think this game’s inventory management system could use these three essential improvements to make everyone’s life much easier.

  1. Equipment Set System
    Back in the mod SkyUI for Skyrim, there was an option to assign 5 set of eqiupments to your f1-f5 keys and when you press those keys you’ll auto-equip all those equipment. In KCD, I’m carrying 3 set of equipment with me, heavy armor set for combat, Charisma clothing set for trading and a set of clothing for stealth and I found it EXTREMELY hard to quickly switch to the set of clothes I needed because how many different categories of items there are in this game. If such an equipment set hotkey system was implemented it would make the role playing experience much more fluent.

  2. Sub-Category
    Right now there are only 5 tabs/categories within your inventory. But I really hope there could be more sub-categories within each tab, much like when you check your horse inventory there are sub-category within the horse inventory tab. The reason for this is again, there are so many clothing items in this game (which i absolutely adore) it’s hard to sort them. My Lord Leipa’ Garnet should stay away from my plate armor and my quiet shoes for better organizing. Similarly, my fresh venison should be in another sub-category with my herbs and skill books in my misc tab.

  3. Mark as sell/equipment option
    I got this inspiration while playing Borderlands. In that game if you mark certain guns you don’t want anymore as “marked for sale” you can automatically sell them the next time you are at a vending machine. Loot/Selling is an essential activity in KCD, and I often found myself hard to tell which items were the ones I needed and which ones were the ones I intended for sale, and sometimes I accidentally sell a piece for my armor set which is very frustrating.

Other than these I love almost every aspect of this game, including the constant showers to keep my Charisma high. These are my honest opinions that I think can make the quality of life within the game MUCH better.


Greetings. I really like your suggestions, especially having some new tabs for books and alchemy. After playing the game a while, my Henry has accumulated quite a lot of items, and I am not even trying to collect everything, lol!
I do keep collections of outfits and keep one for dressing up and one for stealth, etc, stored on my horse but it would be nice to group these together for a quick change.
most everything I can’t bare to part with is stored in my trunk. I even kept his original starting out gear so I guess I am a bit of a hoarder.
Edit- I just wanted to mention that I play on PS4, so no mods for me.


All are sensible, and the same or very similar requests have been made to WH. Won’t happen in KCD unless modded but hope they appear in the next game

personally I would like to have an additional sorting button for gear: equipment type. Its obnoxious when I want to compare loot types to improve my stats, and all those items are spread around the inventory.

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it is a bit obnoxious… if they didn’t want to enable sorting by type at least the items could have been labelled in a self sorting manner
axe - broad axe
axe - metal-plated battle axe
axe - woodcutter’s axe

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Well there is a “sorted inventory mod” on nexus so you got all things fixed nicely. just find a version for your language.