Some questions before the start

game is ordered, royal edition, but it may take 7-10 days in this days.
as topic unveiled, there are a few questions after reading many gaming site and steamcommunity reviews.

I am an old roleyplayer and i think, i can read out, what will not find my favor or what is an special point of interest for me.

  1. Is it right, that there are no really big towns? Not the typically one city, that overwhelm them all?

  2. It is on ps4. Just bought the console two months ago. Is it possible to load mods for ps4 via ps4?

  3. Is it correct, that we germans as always are the evil ones? :wink:

  4. Does it have the daily western blame cult on evil church, intolerant society etc?

  5. The world is about 16 squarekilometer. With what game can i compare this, it´s most important for me, a rpg is big and epic. Let us say, compared to gothic 2 world?

  6. How works the reputation system? You can read, you have to take a bath for more positive response or else, but in greater context, are they different fractions where you have a rep? It is possible to play an “evil outcome” which is more than kill them all?

  7. Reading about professions: So you can hunt or steal and so on but it is not like you have officially a job including member of a guild or doing an education first and become addressed as “blacksmith”? It is not more than just “doing it”?

  8. The most important question: are the enemies levelling with your char level like it is in oblivion?

  9. Refering to the exp-system: Are there limitations, so you cant be an perfect archer and melee-fitgher at once? B) Its all learning by doing and by reaching next level you get points for special abilities?

  10. think, could hate it, that quests are time-based often. is it possible to reject them, when you don´t have enough time and finish them later?

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Really thoughtful questions! I’m not a KCD vet but can maybe offer some.

  1. I dont know how big these towns are compared to other games, but for the most part, they seem big enough. Rattay is the biggest, maybe not heavily populated for real life standards, but when you go it, there are always lots of ppl to talk to. I’d always be a fan of adding in more ppl, but then maybe they wouldnt have jobs or a place to live.

  2. Germans arent the bad guys here. Bad ppl are bandits, and Cumans, you are hungarian. I acually really love the way cumans are portrayed, as they are definitly dangerous like any army of soldiers would be, but the game also humanizes them well. There is a spot where a bandit is going to be executed for killing 2 cumans, and the cuman leader lets him go with a warning to others. They are the enemies of the Bohemians, but arent dehumanized as beasts for the killing…obviously ppl can disagree with me on that.

  3. Not sure what this question means

  4. The map feels large enough, tho not as big as something like skyrim. Traveling large distances takes time tho.

  5. Reputation system is essentially this: Be nice to ppl and they like you. Kill or rob from them, and they dont like you. The guards will follow you if you are being creepy.

  6. Only a few quests are time based. Most of them you can do whenever you like

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  1. There are two decent sized towns but no major cities. Mainly villages but its drawn together pretty good.

  2. I dont think there will be any mods on console(xbox1 or ps4)

  3. The game is based on historical events …but not really the King Sigismund and his Cuman mercs are the boogy man here :wink:

  4. Not really but it does show the extremity of the Catholic church in some quests. (You help a vican hunt “Heretics”)

  5. It has a unique combat system , nothing to compare it too but I will try … Lets call it A more realistic version of “For Honor”. Nothing like Gothic but size wise its comparable to Skyrim maybe a bit smaller but still pretty open and not cramped.

  6. your rep varies from town to town , there is no reputation from factions that im aware of. Yes you can be evil…even being good you do some unchristianly things (ex . party with Godwin)

  7. Your main job is being Sir Radzigs helper and taking it to the Cumans and bandits ravaging the lands. You can do side jobs but they are beside the point.

With the DLCs you can be a bailiff though.

  1. enemies get a little harder but thier armor and weapons get far better. It has ok AI albeit a little dumbed down at times.

  2. you get better by practice, you can master both but it’ll take time. (In my opinion f**k archery …with a sandpaper dildo)

  3. That I’m aware of the only time based quests are the intro quests and the heretic hunting quest.