Some sellers don't reset


I have noticed that some sellers don’t reset for some reason. That has always been the case with Votava in Talmberg, but just now I’ve noticed the same thing with the trader in Uzhitz. I’m assuming this is a bug, or are they not supposed to reset every night?


Some seller items reset every 3-7 days from what i know.


Okay, that’s good to know. I’ll try him again in a few days. However, last time I checked Votava (which may have still been on 1.2.5), he was still as broke as I left him at the beginning of the game. It may be something to do with the fact that he never sleeps?


This Votava, what he is selling?


All sorts. He’s the trader in Talmberg castle.


I get it. The first merchant in the beginning of the game. Maybe in some merchants (small seller) it took a few weeks to restock their items.

But large seller as armoursmith & weaponsmith usually their restock between 4-7 days.


Considering how small a trader he is, it’s funny how everyone near Talmberg recommend Votava. I see a clear market opportunity. It would be a shame if he had to retire due to some accident. :wink:


I stick with Miller Peshek, he seems to sell off mt goods and replenish his Groschen quite fast. Plus since he is right next to a world chest it makes it easy to sell as much as you can, dump what you can’t sell, and vice versa when you come back to sell more…plus a quick walk/ride and you’re in Rattay which is full of merchants…shit part is it’s kind of out of the way


Votava (vendor on Talmberg castle) is bugged for sure, he has some food I sold him at the beginning of my game (all spoiled food now), he has some junk I sold him, his inventory is static and no restock at all.
Try to steal him, his container inside the house, if in one week he has no goods then it is confirmed bugged.


That Votava guy in my game is useless… He never has money, Can we kill him?


Is there a Miller Stolen Buyer list? I know of only three, Rattay, the Guy right above and to the Right of Rattay and the guy in Sasus(misspelling)


Same for me. He never seems to reset (or sleep).


I think Votava is the exception to the rule as he’s just to get you started…honestly he’s nowhere to be found in my game lately; unless he’s known to leave his spot on the bench during the day


If you talk to Miller Peshek he’ll tell you…as far as I know it is just those three. I have found more millers doing quests but so far none that trade/buy stolen goods…I’ll keep updating though cuz I just ran into them and it’s actually the miller’s apprentice so I havn’t seen the miller yet


probably google it too


He said fuk it and quit because lack of business, The word is a he is now cleaning crotch crickets in Ledechtko