Some thoughts on enhancing/ overhauling the combat system

First of all, by no means I think of myself as of someone knowledgeable in the field of medieval arms & armour, so some ideas may be far from realistic, but here we go. Here are some ideas which to me can be modded into the game with not so many changes:

1. Chance for protection
Thing to improve:
Surprisingly, open helmets such as bascinets and kettle hats provide protection from stab damage. This is partially understandable because for example the stab may go a bit too high or something like that. Similarly, kettle hats provide protection from slashing damage including that dealt from sides. As a result we don’t see much practical difference between bascinets, kettle hats and closed helmets (especially low-tier).

Suggested improvement:
Each type of piece of armour can have a chance for full protection (let’s call it CFP) and two protection values for each type of damage. For example, a bascinet can have high reduced (RP) and full protection (FP) values against slashing damage while having little to zero RP and decent FP against stab damage. This combined with low CFP against stab damage will give more realism and variety of armour. Meanwhile kettle hats would have very limited RP lower CFP against slashing damage and increased against stab damage (opponent may tilt their head downwards). Similarly this can be applied to other pieces of armor, such as brigantines. The low-tier ones can have reduced CFP against stab damage due to having larger spaces between steel plates. Overall, these mechanics can simulate hitting the opponent in worse protected body parts, mostly those in spaces between individual steel plates.

Potential pros:

  • More diversity in armour

  • Better realism

Potential cons:

  • Too complicated damage system, especially for beginners/ not familiar with medieval armour

Soon I will give you some thoughts on more complicated partial/ full overhaul. I really hope to get your opinions, especially those keen on medieval armour.

I like this idea. but i would rather the master strike be removed and the riposte system actually functional for Henry. (Its supposed to work as after a perfect block if you attack after your attacks become only perfect blockable, meaning no normal blocks no dodges no master strikes yet enemies are true for this able and you’re not can’t.

But i do agree that certain helms should be better for different situations. Especially your idea. Kettle helms should get closed face like protection against cuts. except the ones from a combo which aim directly horizontally. Like doubling. And scar maker.

And your statement of even open faced helms get stab protection is true and not true and not at the same time. I’ll spare you a lengthy explanation considering how long it already is. But I also noticed that open helms makes you resist more face stab damage with stamina.

And it wouldn’t be too confusing for new players. Only if they explained it with real works and not the Fp and Rp and CFP terms you made up. For example.

"Kettle helms have incredibly high slash resistance, similar to a close faced helmet with the advantage of better sight. Yet only similar defense. A well aimed high thrust can get through but will usually hit the top of the helm (High change to full block) but if aimed well enough, there will be nothing to protect you (Low reduced damage). Even slashes from the side can get through, but there is likely a coif under it to soften the blow but the chances of a sword getting in from the side is rare(High full damage reduction. Normal damage mitigation.) "

Just need to give them examples of how the system works. It’s a lovely Idea you made up and would add some exciting moments when striking at the helm. But i feel the defense system with weapons need more looking into. Maybe we will get a mod for your idea!