Sound bug, sound stuttering, and possible solution


Hey guys,

probably this has been discussed before, but I did not find a solution with a quick search and thought I would share what I found.

I was starting another play-through with the ultimate immersion ENB and the latest updates and DLCs - and even my favorite puking priest would have blushed had he heard me cursing.

The game - on a rather fast system - was basically unplayable, half of the dialogue mute, constantly the sound would stutter or go away completely for several seconds, etc.
All while graphics running super smooth, no problems at all, even with ENB.

I was ready to kick this buggy unoptimized POS (that I immensely love otherwise!) from my SSD, but gave it a last try, checking and changing a few sound settings in Windows 10.

And lo behold:
The blasted sound WORKS now.

All I had to do was change the device settings of my Realtek onboard sound chip from “24 bit, 48000” to “24 Bit, 44100”.

Absolutely ridiculous, no other game has had that problem before, but whatever, I can play now without muttering curses every few seconds…

Remains the question why this workaround is nowhere in the system requirements or FAQs, at least I did not see it there and I have seen a LOT of people complain about similar problems.