Spam/Scam email by "Kingdom Come: Deliverance"?


Miladies and Milords,

I received an email by “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” tonight with the massage that I should enter my phone number on my profile therewith the parcel service is able to send me the physical collector’s edition (Duke) I bought. If I do not enter my number, I will receive a digital collector’s edition which is the closest to the physical one I have purchased. This email landed in my spam folder and comprised links I did not click.

Because I do not know if the email is an original one, I became afraid and entered my number opening the website manually.

Now my question is if this email is a real email by Warhorse Studio or is it a fake/scam one? Unfortunately I deleted the email before thinking “I could have made a screenshot to post it here!”. Did anyone else received such an email?

Fare ye well!
Duke Len von Geist


I did not receive an Email but have had that info filled out for quite some time.


I got it as well. It links to the real website, and is sent from their official email address, so I doubt there’s anything wrong.