SPOA Silver Knight Armor for KCD


I’m the creator of the Silver Piece of Art - Silver Knight Armor modification for Skyrim. This modification has high resolution textures (4K). The patterns visible on the armor were hand drawn. Now I decided to create a similar modification for KCD. The work is going slowly, because I have to create almost all the elements from scratch. I can not do a copy paste. I had to learn to replace textures in KCD. There were a few issues with the correct display of textures. I waited one year to motivate my self to start this project at all. Of course, some free time at the beginning of the year also affected.


Stunning work…I rly love the textures bump mapping!!! looks fuggin awesome mate!!!


Awsome work man! Looking forward to use it.


delete my post


Great work. :+1:


beautiful work. Warhorse should help you to make this a official addon (like Bohemia Interactive with Arma 3 stimulates mod makers).


If you need some help getting it implemented to the game as a custom model feel free to ask questions


Hello. Yes I will need to make this armor set like stand alone version. If can you send me some advices what kind of files i need to change, than please write to me. This will save me some time.


Will pm you about it.