! SPOILER ! All (?) Battle-Spawn-Points Map


Yes. Cumans like to hide behind the house and ambush me.


Ah, many thanks MiddleAgedHenry, will visit the place again to get some pics
and add it to the map then.


And here we are:

Again many thanks MiddleAgedHenry for reminding me of this spawn point,
I simply forgot about it…

Was a hard fight as my Henry is at the very beginning of a new playthrough,
does not even have basic training with Bernard. Also my archery is bad,
so I had a to kill them with my horse and had some good loot.

In this case I use a Nexus save where I have high levels for some skills from the start,
but not for defence, And to fight this guys with the sword, mace or axe is deadly,
they simply are too tough for my poor Henry atm


I have 23 Battle-Spawns so far, this number seems strange to me, 24 or 25 would do better …
See the reworked map in first post.

Is there a Battle-Spawn-Point missing? Please help.


Another bandit attack point:


Again many thanks MiddleAgedHenry, added it to the map.


Dude, i made this mod…without knowing all these places
thanks alot for making this map
permission to post this map on mod-page?