! SPOILER ! All (?) Battle-Spawn-Points Map


I like to join Battles! But, where?

So I made me a map with all (?), Battle-Spawn-Points. And more,
I made Screenies of the exact positions, find them at my mediafire link below.

I’m on PC, playing 1.6.2 with DLC ftA.
I used the Nexus “BattleZone” Mod to find them easier:

When you know other places with Battle events, please share it,
when possible with a pic where to find this place on the map !

Here is what I have so far:

And here:
you will find more screenies with maps with the exact positions
of each Battle-Spawn-Point (following the numbers on main map)
and some more pics of the battles.

Hope this is of some help to those who like to have the “ultimate fights”. :wink:

Sorry for the bad english.

Where is the Hold-Up encounter involving Rattay guards located?
Heraldic Neck chain and Gold Ring

A new one !!

Just came across this Battle Spawn Point I never saw any action before!

Here it is on the map:

Brigands vs Brigands (a lot to loot!)

Cumans vs Bandits.


Missing a major one. Just east of numbering for 02, on path, in ‘bowl’. If bowl empty, ride east out of woods and then around hay shed and back to bowl. Re-spawns fairly well


You are absolutely right freimedieval! How could I miss this …
and what else is missing yet? :roll_eyes:
Have to do a new (also with better res) general map, will come soon…


so, exact position is here:

some action:

Groschen Farm

Yeah, this is a way to pass time while new DLC’s released.


Also missing a random encounter west of the Monastery. It’s just NW of the “M” of the Monastery label on your map. It’s mid way that path going North/North East that leads to the western path to a bridge that crosses the river.


scbfromnc, many thanks for the hint, will try to find this place.


scbfromnc, do you mean this place?

Tried several times, no battle there (in v1.6.2 with ftA DLC).

But I remember in my first playthroughs I had some events there,
but that happened in version 1.3 etc. Maybe this spawn point was deleted
in later versions?


Very cool. Do you guys know if new dlc will refugee a new game to play them?


Require* **


Thank you, this map is close to complete. Please add a marker southeast from 16, at the fork west from the lumberjack camp. And another west from 7, when you go upstairs north to reach the “plateau”.


Alano, aren’t this Bandit-Attack Spawn-Points?

I soon will make a thread with all this Bandit-Attack Points (inGame called
“Attack-on-Road” and the Battle Spawn-Points and more.

Have a preview here (click to enlarge):

where the red rhombuses with the orange numbers are Bandit-Attack -
and the blue circles are Battle Spawn-Points.

So, do you mean Bandit-Attack Spawn-Point nr #6 and #30?


Great map and effort as is. A sublime finishing touch would be to make it so the symbols gave an indication of the guard origin (Talmberg, Rattay, Sasau)


Thank for this good idea freimedieval, will try to do this.


In fact i was referring to your map in your first post from [Aug 22]
In your latest map it matches with #30 and the blue point west from #13.
So no need to update it now it’s correct.


Another ambush point:


MiddleAgedHenry, many thanks for the hint.
Yes I know this place, it just didn’t make it on this preview map until.

Thats what I plan to do:
(click to enlarge)

where the red Squares are Attack-on-the-Road, the blue Circles are
Battle Spawn Points. Plus the Bandit Camps (white background:
you always meet Bandits there; yellow background: only when
you have triggered a Quest you will find some Bandits there).

But this map isn’t finished, when its ready I wil start a new thread:
“all dangerous places map” or so …
ie the Poachers camps are missing, will add them later, numbers also missing
(will make some mediafire links where yyu can see pics
with the exact locations then). And so on.


Very nicely done


Great job!

Another reminder, the ruined house in the Skalitz hills:


But thats a interesting-site. This map will cover dangerous places only.
Or do you know about any fights there (Bandit attacks)?