! SPOILER ! All (?) Battle-Spawn-Points Map


I like to join Battles! But, where?

So I made me a map with all (?), Battle-Spawn-Points. And more,
I made Screenies of the exact positions, find them at my mediafire link below.

I’m on PC, playing 1.6.2 with DLC ftA.
I used the Nexus “BattleZone” Mod to find them easier:

When you know other places with Battle events, please share it,
when possible with a pic where to find this place on the map !

Here is what I have so far:

And here:
you will find more screenies with maps with the exact positions
of each Battle-Spawn-Point (following the numbers on main map)
and some more pics of the battles.

Hope this is of some help to those who like to have the “ultimate fights”. :wink:

Sorry for the bad english.

Where is the Hold-Up encounter involving Rattay guards located?

A new one !!

Just came across this Battle Spawn Point I never saw any action before!

Here it is on the map:

Brigands vs Brigands (a lot to loot!)

Cumans vs Bandits.


Missing a major one. Just east of numbering for 02, on path, in ‘bowl’. If bowl empty, ride east out of woods and then around hay shed and back to bowl. Re-spawns fairly well


You are absolutely right freimedieval! How could I miss this …
and what else is missing yet? :roll_eyes:
Have to do a new (also with better res) general map, will come soon…


so, exact position is here:

some action:

Groschen Farm

Yeah, this is a way to pass time while new DLC’s released.


Also missing a random encounter west of the Monastery. It’s just NW of the “M” of the Monastery label on your map. It’s mid way that path going North/North East that leads to the western path to a bridge that crosses the river.


scbfromnc, many thanks for the hint, will try to find this place.