SPOILER * Dance with devil


Did anyone find an satisfying solution for that quest? For me it ends up with someones dead regardless of my previous actions.
My first idea was to use a blunt weapon with low damage. This seemed to work as the “bandits” yielded but the next morning they were dead anyway.
For the next try I used my fists. This time the “bandits” started to run around the fire and the women just died after some time.
Is this quest buggy or do i just miss something?

Playing with the devil (minor spoiler)

I assume it is a no win scenario. I beat both woodcutters to yielding, made them leave their weapons, and they fled. Next morning when I reported to the priest it said that I had killed them. So I guess the choice is, let the women die, or kill the woodcutters. Either way the priest and herb-woman will blame you.


Must be fixed.
Significantly chance that player start from Uzhitz with quest “At Your Service, My Lady” just because this target is closer.
And the first Innerceeper in game, who give player a clue for new side quest there.
So, this side quest may be first, none find-get-bring, for player in game at all.
And this quest is linear and poor designed.

Nice first impression isnt it?


Also it was really annoying that Henry decided to walk into the groove when I was miles away. I just tried to sneak close to a tree to have a better view and suddenly he was walking inside! Of course my last saving was ages before so I was forced to accept the outcome.


Yeah there’s only 2 ways to complete this quest. Either you stay away from the women and let the woodcutters kill the women, or you kill the woodcutters. It not a glitch. The quest just doesn’t allow you to knock them out and complete the quest.


I tried very much. My last idea was a tranquilizer arrow xD But the arrow killed the woodcutters instant. Really a unsatisfying outcome ;(
Maybe i should try it with tranquilizer competition-arrows, they do the lowest damage, but i gaved it up already ;(
I have choosen the best arithmetik outcome: Destroying 2 lives is better than let get 3 lives destroyed: 3 Womans versus 2 Woodcutters = 3 Womans must survive.


Woodcutters? Why can’t my Henry just tell both priest and herbalist that he killed bandits who tried to assault women? Even if it’s lie. Seriously, that’s how I saw this quest, not how my character suddenly described it in the end!


Please, it’s not a bug. Stop complaining when storyline doesn’t fit your wish, we all have wishes about some endings, imagine if we all come here to report those as bugs. Devs will never focus fixing real bugs.

That Quest’s first objective is to observe from far away, don’t intervene, then report to the priest. But no, you guys wanted to f*ck with the witches, so, you intervened. First objective failed, what happens later couldn’t be good, and you ended killing the bandits.

The priest will never be happy when people die, so his reaction is normal.

Yeah, the quest can be redesigned, may be it will be may be not, doesn’t really matter. You want to report it? Fine, but it should be posted in “Story & Settings” section threads

BTW.: I too tried several ways to finish this quest :rofl:

FYI: I even knocked again and again the bandits protecting the 3 women (literally several hours with no save) in a never ending night since potion’s effects fades and time advances only when you kill both bandits or the women are killed :sweat_smile:


The game prides itself on the multitude of ways you can go about doing things
this quest locks you into two possibilities
not even the option to lie or knock them out


Well that part is pretty fucked. At my first try, as Mist already wrote here, i just tried to get a little closer but still was like 10 meters from grove and SUDDENLY the cutscene started. Ok i was pretty retarded to load my last save that was 2 hours before this shit and tried it again.
Second try was even more funny (actually not). I was hiding like 50 meters from grove so i barely heard what they’re saying, after some time one of them walked out of the grove and came right to me, i assumed the outcome will be different (i know how naive i am) so i didn’t try to run from her. And… i’ve got objective fail and the same fucking cutscene.
Though this time i thought “to hell this shit” and haven’t reload. I just killed all of them woodcutters (which were marked as bandits), women and some hares. If there would be ponies they would be dead too.
But what was most ridiculous is that no one has noticed that i killed those bitches. I reported to priest about “woodcutters”, but women’s deaths were for free

And you are saying that quest is fine. Fuck no it needs serious rework.

Exactly! Moreover they are marked as bandits and not even counted as killed civilians. Compared to road killer, which is looting dead body of merchant, that he killed.


It’s not that story here “doesn’t fit my wish”. The logic of this story is broken. It’s not even about being able to solve this quest peacefully.

Henry tells the priest that he killed woodcutters, there’s no option to report anything else. Mind you, even if you don’t interfere with the ritual (i.e. not affected by the drug) those “woodcutters” still appear dressed up as “demons”.

Basically I as a player while roleplaying Henry understood this situation as “aha, robbers dressed up as demons to conceal themselves and assaulted the women”. And then Henry started spewing crap to the priest about woodcutters… that broke my immersion completely. My Henry didn’t see this situation in that way, how did he even learn that those brigands were woodcutters?

If those attackers are really meant to be woodcutters then Henry should see them without “costumes” if he stays away from the ritual. Having an option to lie to the priest and herbalist would add to immersion and story as well.


A poorly run binary no win mission.


If you don’t interject the chanting and the woodcutters show up to kill the women, you aren’t drugged. So why do the “bandits” look like demons and why aren’t you allowed to knock them out, when you’re choosing to do that path? That doesn’t even make sense.