Spoiler: DLC 4 A Woman´s Lot (PAX EAST 2019)

A new video from PAX EAST 2019:


“her priority in the aftermath is to take care of the wounded that have managed to flee from the event.”
"includes a new dog companion named Tinker. The dog has its own set of abilities which you can level up, including “sense of smell” this will help in sniffing out the enemies that cross your path. But don’t expect the dog to stay loyal if he isn’t treated well, the ability “obedience” will determine if your sidekick will continue to follow you. Praising, feeding and keeping the dog from getting continually attacked by those who pose a threat, will also play a part in your canine friendship.

Henry will be making his return in a “big questline” in a “Joan of Arc” styled adventure. What’s also interesting about Theresa’s playthrough, is that your paths will cross with Henry’s, being able to see him in third-person, as the story runs parallel with the events you experience with Henry.

Theresa has her own ways to deal with the attackers that still appear around the outskirts of town, using stealth to sneak up behind them, killing them off and of course taking their loot. This isn’t the only way to tackle foes, as you can even send in your dog to attack them. Tinker can do more than just be a personal attack dog, his role also helps you discover new quests, stashes and even find people to help. But it isn’t just Theresa that gets her own furry companion, Henry will have his own too which will also have the same abilities."

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It looks pretty good, thanks for the video. But one thing is not clear for me…
Henry will get his dog and he will have him forever including main KCD story? Or just in the storyline of this DLC? I believe it will be the second case, but it’s not clear from the info we have.

Have to say, I’m impressed and in terrified awe that we can watch Sigismund’s Army moving through Skalitz as it burns. I wonder how the transition between both characters will work though, cause for months I’ve been saying Henry will probably ask Theresa how she got away and it’d switch to her view, but this looks like it might switch to her while Henry is asleep or unconscious.

You can see from the video thumbnail that Henry is not asleep.

Two new videos:



Does this mean we get like wolves, birds and horse carriages? Don’t know about the demon thing though :slight_smile:

And a johanka questline! Amazing stuff

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When you look at the map, it’s this area:
It can be roughly 1,2km x 1,2km.

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sounds like to fully use this it would be a restart of the campaign, cool

More than one year, and kumans still don’t have scabbard for their sabres… Fuck this :angry:

Sexy Biscuit has gameplay of it.

I wonder why it is a DLC and not a backer reward. Wasn´t a female protagonist not a stretch goal?

Why do you think it could not be a Backer Reward too??? :wink:

It was and it should be a backer reward


It is :wink: … sooo many characters!

(free for backers)


Some quests are not marked at the map. Is this a bug?

i am very much so interested in playing this and seeing hoe it all feels … i like the look of this so far