[SPOILER] Question about new vendor after Nicholas leaves Talmberg

When henry becomes Master Huntsman and replaces Nicholas, who get to be the new vendor for hunting equipment? Also Nicholas sells treasure maps and skill books. Are those gone forever too or someone else sell those in his place? If not then siding with Hanekin Hare seems unprofitable as you lose treasures and skill books.

Isn’t the thread title itself a spoiler?

yeah it’s my first post didn’t know how to hide sentence and stuff
anyway do you know if there’s a replacement guy for Nicholas who sells in place of him?

There is no replacement, but when you take over his house you get to keep everything he had in store. Lots of bows and arrows and stuff. Look in the chests.

The best one left in Talmberg to buy your loot is the blacksmith at the quarry.

Including the skill book and treasure maps?

I would guess so.

But where are you quest wise? Can’t you just buy them from him if he’s still there, just to be sure? If he’s gone and you’re the new huntsman, look in the chests.

ok thanks I’ll look into the chst

Chests. There is a total of four chests in the house, including your own.

which one of them is the world chest tho? that magically teleports with me?

You’ll recognize it. It’s the one with all your stuff in it :wink:


thanks :smiley: I guess I have to go to the quarry to buy arrows now