[Spoilers - Bug]Siege

Ok, so I’m on the Siege quest and have rested until it says that the trebuchet is ready to be tested. The first time, I was sleeping at that camp and once it said it was ready… there was no cutscene trigger and no trebuchet.

I figured maybe it was because I was in the area. So I loaded back several days (in-game) and slept/waited again until it was ready for a test fire. This time I traveled to the site from much farther away, but am still getting the same issue. There’s no trebuchet there, and the zone in the tent has nothing to activate nor any cutscene.

I’m submitting to support, but am hoping someone else has had this issue and resolved it.

I have the same issue with no resolution. I’m hoping someone comes up with one as well, while I try different things.


Have you had any luck?

I have this, I have done all optional quests, exhausted all dialogue, only quest is to go and watch the test run, I can see my trebuchet and it looks done, but the tent is empty And nothing happens when I go in, nor is there anything to interact with, I’ve waited days in game gone exploring etc, still stuck there :frowning: Submitted ticket but no answer yet…