[spoilers] house of god - need confirmation for certain outcome

Version: 1.7.1, all dlcs, hardcore mode

What I did:

In-game-days ago I started the quest and did some basic initial digging:

  • started via sir divish
  • got permission from overseer to sniff around
  • investigated skull (found it, talked to gravedigger)
  • investigated brick (found it, talked to guys in Talnberg)
  • I did not talk to zmola, master, leshek, or overseer at all (ITOW: master didn’t even tell me about the skull part, part when I’m to meet zmola/leshek at night was not triggered, etc.)

And I left the quest in this state for a good while to do other stuff in other places. When I returned to continue it, the only outcome now I’m getting is Zmola telling me Leshek ran away after he pressed him - which triggers “talk to sir divish”.

Is this working as intended - aka I took too much time fooling around instead of following the quest ? If so is it still possible to find that Zmola is the real culprit ?

For some reason, I still have markers for gravedigger, visit site at the day and brother porter on the map.

there are 3 other outcome routes for that.
First: do the sniff , find the rock, take to Talmberg quarry. Then return use the info of the rock. Next do the skull part. then the meet up at dark at the scaffold, save, cut scene of the rock throw dodge, climb up to the top, confront the attacker, subdue , no kill, interrogate and find out about Zamola.
here it gets to the 3 endings:
one: rush like mad down the scaffold( jump/fall for speed down the ladders), get on horse (which you placed at the scaffold ahead of time) and immediate full gallop( perfectly done no missteps) over to the monastery mill ) and go up the outside stairs on the right to the landing and go inside and up to the partial 3rd floor and if quick enough stop Zemola from killing Leshek and kill him.

second: Rush down as per 1st way, and go to the mill but not quite quick enough and find Zamola with Leshek’s body either outside or in the mill, fight and kill him.

Third: After interrogating the attacker take him to the overseer and follow up on that. Guards are sent and as you get there ( if you went right away after) you see them kill him ( can help if you get there soon enough) but Leshek is dead in the 3rd floor room.
mission accomplished. ( of one of the 3 endings)
edit: clarity

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I dont really get the route for the first outcome…Which stairs? Thanks

I didn’t know this was possible. Any tips on how to reach them in time to save Leshek?

I’ve managed to get there fast enough to find them in the inner room of the mill, but still it’s Zmola carrying dead Leshek.

Helps to scout out the area around the mill in daylight and the long white building next to the river with the 2 wide spaced doors inside and out. On the right side on the outside there is a set of stairs that go up to a landing on the second floor. From there you can enter the building and see what looks like a partial 3rd floor and will find another small set of stairs to it with a door to your right.

Takes perfect timing and a pre set up of scouting out the mill building inside and out ahead of time,having the horse very close to the bottom ladder, saving before the rock fall cut scene, getting the attacker to tell you about Zamola and letting him go, literally jump/fall thru the ladder holes ( short drop and if good vitality not hurt much), hop on the horse and ride at full gallop to the mill ( done perfectly , no delay or misstep) to the stairs on the right side of the mill building rushing up to the landing, go inside then up the small stairs to the 3rd floor and confront Zamola, fight and kill him. Leshek is behind the door on that floor on the right ( alive if successful, dead if not, try again at the save).


That’s a good walkthrough. Thanks!

It’s more or less what I’ve tried, so I guess there’s no room at all for mistakes.

Yeah, it’s intended. If you take so long Zmola can fix his alibi killing Leshek with no witnesses then pointing all the blame on him.


I had an alternate ending to the ones listed, at night instead of going to the scaffolding, went to the mill at 21 hour and lashek was sitting alone. Talked to him and took him the overseer who admitted everything, then guards were sent for zmola.

Beside meta gaming and using walk through found on the web, what made you know going to the mill instead of the scaffolding’s was a sensible thing to do?

I’m genuinely curious.