Sprinting bug cannot turn smoothly

When I attempt to turn while sprinting, the camera has a massive stutter. It does not occur while walking, and it does not occur while sprinting straight without turning. In addition, the controls for riding horses have gotten weird as well. I cannot cantor, only Trot or Gallop, and the gallop does not start immediately. Additionally, Henry keeps making the Heeyah sound for when a gallop starts while he is galloping.

This bug has followed me through a computer reset, a cache reset, and creating a new playline.

This bug also followed me through uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

What CPU do u have? I have an i5 4690K. I’m considering to buy me a 9000+, just to see whether the faster cpu will help with those micro freezes

I have an i5-4670k, so if your cpu is creating problems for you it is probably the cause of my issues as well

found a tip: in the energy options of Windows 10 switch from balanced to high performance