Squared puddles edges

Puddles looks very low res with weird textures on the sides.
Edit: I thought there was some kind of a problem with my pc that’s causing this. well it turned out that’s how it normally looks in the game I hope they fix it I highly doubt that tbh.

the water is muddy. Do u await clear water, when hundreds of shoes run through it?

i believe he was pointing at square edges.

edited the title to make it more clear.

Really? I mean of all things. Still don’t think I even know what I am looking at.

Maybe the wheels of the wagons (u can see one in the second picture) cause those trails?

So I decided to check in game and you can see them, barely. Some puddles are fine others are more noticable. Although no one would notice them until pointed out. Not even worth worrying about.
Now everyone is going to be checking puddles in game now lol.

Well it kinda kills the experience of looking at puddles literally unplayable lol.

Unplayable? Don’t be so dramatic, just don’t look at them if it bothers you that much.

I was just joking.

Yes puddles are super low res and pixelated like some ground textures Im gonna post some more pics of those for those blind ppl here.

This also shows the quality of shadows :confused:and this is on ultra(“experimental for future hardware”)


Yea the foliage is also very low res compared to the early demo so what’s the point of futuristic settings if it’s not really that futuristic.
They could’ve added an overkill settings and mention that’s it not meant for today’s hardwares.

A lot of games had a very intense settings that was not meant for its time but now we can easily run it with no problems.