St George sword gone again after 1,9

Last chance how to get st georg sword was to take it from chest when Hans Capon is in bath. Now after 1,9 there is only some cheap sword. Is this sword gone forever? There is no other way? There is no info in changelog for new update about removing sword from game.

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you can, and always have been able to find the sword in a hard locked chest in a fenced off dead tree north-west of Ledetchko.
It is marked as a woodland garden on the map.

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no, this chest was removed long time ago, I think, more then one year ago. I found this chest few weeks after release of the game, I did it by my self, randomly, so I know this place. Easy chests were removed with update 1.3 I think. They are all gone.

Its a treasure chest and still there
What u mean is the chest north of neuhof where u finish the epilog

2 places, 2 chests, they are removed after version 1.3 I think. I was there, both chests are gone. Maybe one year ago this happened. If you know about some other, show me please screenshot, or if this is from treasure map, which one? This one in this post, is gone.

Now, I am thinking, maybe Ledetchko chest is back. I was there one year ago, what if warhorse moved that one back. Too many peaple says they can see it. I have to look again when I come back home.

That ledetchko treasure never was removed

hmm, maybe I was blind, also my friend … ok, If this is true, sorry for this

I’m sure (99%) , I got the sword from Sir Hanush for the Waldensien quest… :slightly_smiling_face:

This reward from Hanush is the St. Micheal sword, not St. George. :wink:


yes, I did this quest two days ago, that is different sword and not very good one

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Yes, it was there :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was wrong…
Personally using the Noble Sword with shield. :slightly_smiling_face:

I found St. GOERGE SWORD in some NPCs inventory or in some house, but chest is gone

Does anyone else feel like you should actually get this sword in a sidequest?
I don’t know…it seems cheap, that the strongest sword in the game is just rotting somewhere in a chest in the forest. I mean…what is it’s story? How did it get there?


Yea, I think they should just switch the model and the stats of St. George’s Sword with the queen of Sheba’s Sword so the quest would actually give you a sword that’s not like a glass hammer.

maybe story about this sword was removed from the game during development, but sword was already finished.

I plucked the sword up 3 days ago, it’s not taken from game, just the original chest. I looted it off someone when I murdered, knocked out, or robbed a house. Dont remember where though. I think random npc had it or named. I robbed alot from a bailiff a ton of times. Check with one near ushitz lol

I think it should give you the option to dual wield short and hunter swords. Maybe it would be addition. What do y’all think?

Just grabbed it last night - it’s there