St. Michael's Sword Modding


Recently I made use of the chance to get the game for free via Epic Games Launcher. I liked the game so much that I got the DLC pack right after.

I’ve seen that I’m not the only one trying to do this, but my attempts to follow other threads and come to a conclusion and being able to do it on my own has failed. I am hoping that the forums will be able to give me a fitting solution or perhaps someone has already done this before.

After I found St. George’s Sword in the early game in some chest, I actually didn’t get any better sword anymore. Now, I do quite like the appearance of the St. Michael’s Sword but it is in terms of stats not quite better than my current St. George’s Sword so I was hoping to either swap appearances of those two, or to simply edit the stats on the St. Michael’s Sword to a little bit better than St. George’s.

I already got 7zip but I am clueless where to begin. Thanks in advance!

you will need to download the modding tools from nexus, have you done that yet? You will also need excel, the latest version is not needed, but sadly none of the free spreadsheet softwares will work with the database plugin.

After you install the plugin in excel, navigate to the melee weapons spreadsheet, and there you will be able to edit the stats of St. Michael’s Sword, or switch the model of St. George’s Sword. Once you have made the changes you want, click the post button to upload your changes to the database, and then go into the cryengine editor to pack the files into a mod.

That’s all there should be to do, but there are bugs that sometimes occur, I’ve had issues with the database not updating when I post from excel sometimes, so you might need to patch the database manually through the editor using the xml you can export from excel.

Hope that helps, I think thats all you need to do, but feel free to ask if it turns out its not.


Thank you for your response!

I didn’t get the modding tools. Neither excel. I used Notepad++ as a tool to edit all the values and such. And then turned it into a .pak file via 7zip. But unfortunately, installing it did not really work. There have no changes been made.

I will try re-doing the process with the cryengine editor and other modding tools.