Statement about the release date discussion

Until release will there be some video updates regarding other minigames like smithing or cooking? I’d like to see something like that. I liked the shown improvements on sleeping etc. in on of the last vids (gc
i think()

Yes, we will have other video updates with content about the game development, which will show what is going on. :slight_smile:


Witcher 3 syndrome? Yeah they had to change the game to make sure it runs on consoles and pc. But The witcher 3 isn’t a bad game. It’s one of the best games this year, the last few years. And some say it has set a new standard. So it’s not a bad thing.

And I don’t know any studio that makes 2 versions (or 2 games as you say) of a game for consoles and for pc. The costs would be far to great, and anyone with logical thinking would now that Warhorse isn’t able to pay for 6 games. They had trouble enough to get funding for this one game.

I understand the financial implications of mulitplatform releases. I’ve just started W3 and its littered with obvious last minute compromises (90% of NVIDA tech removed) that spoilt a very immersive fantasy adventure.
I’ve seen a PC build of KCD that I wanted to support and invest in, it pushes hardware past its limits which is a good thing. When I upgrade my gtx 970 and get a gtx1170 I’ll play it through again in all its glory. (two young kids so I’m skipping the 10 series)

I dont think KCD has lots of the console crippling effects w3 promised so dialling back content for consoles could just be a case of draw distance/shadows/folliage/LOD scaling which is fine.

That is the ideal way to do it IMO.

Make a PC version that goes to ULTRA. make sure the game is ok on medium (console) and the range between medium and ultra is down to PC strength and personal preference.

in a perfect world…

Any news on a release date or an estimate for 2017?

@jackalj No, no news about a release date… But here is a quote from the “Weekly Torch” that helps perhaps a little bit…

Thanks for the quote. Let’s hope they don’t get delayed by something unexpected. I do hope this game doesn’t come out around the same time that Mass Effect Andromeda is released.

I would like KC:D to be released in March 2017 already!

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They said somewhere, don’t remember where exactly, that it’s mostly optimizing they need to do now.
I don’t know how long something like optimization will take, I guess it takes as long, when WH is happy with how the game runs. Not alot of game devs can do that.

Dunno where did you read/hear that, because it is not exactly true.
Optimization is only one aspect of the game we are working on.

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Then just disregard my comment, i was wrong.

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Language packs?

Is there an option to play the game in medieval Czech? That would be amazing!

If so, I truly hope that ambient conversations will also be properly subtitled. I remember that I wanted to play metro 2033 in Russian, but only the main story conversations where subtitled. So a non-Russian speaker would not experience the game fully.

I would speculate about end of summer 2017, maybe September. Frankly, I don’t see a finished KC:Deliverance before then. A rushed out version maybe, like how Taleworlds do with their Mount&Blade games, but for complete and (almost) bug-free game we will have to wait a little bit more. And it is better to be that way, IMO.

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Has taleworlds done that? Actually for bannerlord I hope they release a early version :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, Mount and Blade and Kingdom come Deliverance are two very different games.
For one, if the combat works and most of the games features than most people will be happy,
For the other one, Kingdom come, it is very important for all the features to work and work properly. Because its a very narrative based game.

That said I always expect that when a game is released, it is released complete. These days we don’t get that very often anymore.

So what I am trying to say is that some games can get away with being released early but something like it should always be avoided. Or only done when there is no other choice.

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I was watching a youtube review of star citizen posted Dec 24th and again the viability of Crytek was questioned. Apparently the new star citizen is being released on an Amazon platform.
How will this effect the release of KCD?

Amazon lumberyard engine is modified Cryengine, with a bigger emphasis towards online gaming, i don’t think it affects KCD much.

(My anwer is just speculative and I don´t know the WH internal)

They changed because Lumberyard(Amazon) has better netcode and cloud computing/server. Star citizen need this because it is of course a (massive) Multiplayer Online game.
KCD is singleplayer; they don´t need this. I don´t know how much WH must pay for licensing the Cryengine.(Lumberyard would be for “free”). Maybe this could be a reason to change…

I don´t know which version KCD uses exactlly (something like Version 3.8)at the moment. I only know they don´t want change to Cryengine V because it is to much work. On the otherside Star citizen told they have changed in only 2 days the code…

Maybe it is also easy for WH…?!?

Changeing or not will not affect to the release date next year.

Infos about Lumberyard:

Release date 20.7.2017? :slight_smile:

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and it’s 40€ for it anyway if it’s delayed for 7 months more that means we get better game and before it M&B Bannerlord comes out.

That could be just the shop’s placeholder date for “Summer 2017” as they state on their site. Btw the boxart there still says expected release in 2015. :smile: Oooor it’s a spicy leak.

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