Statement about the release date discussion

Dear Kingdom Come Deliverance community.

There was a lot of discussions about the release date during the last days, and now we want to go more into detail about the situation.
We at Warhorse Studios decided to postpone the final release date for Kingdom Come: Deliverance to achieve the quality we and our players expect. We want Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be an exceptional RPG and that requires exceptional treatment and polishing. Since the successful Kickstarter campaign, we have listened intently to the opinions of our fans and with the new language packs, we hope to get even more feedback that will help us deliver the best possible gaming experience. We believe that the result will be a great collective project and will be well worth the wait.

It’s always hard to make decisions like these and we are truly sorry if we disappointed some of our loyal fans. A new release date will be announced later this year, but is estimated for 2017. Thank you for your support.


No biggie.

Take your time, work hard and make it not just good but GREAT. Just keep in mind to not take too much time :slight_smile:


Is it possible to dislose more concrete reasons for the delay? Do you have troubles finishing the combat system? Are you redoing something? Voice acting is going slower than expected? Or is it all top secret?


Are we looking at another can’t make two games so just make 1 that works on consoles and PC scenario?
A.K.A witcher 3 syndrome.

no new studio can really make two games instead of one. Thats just unrealistic.

No, we can´t go into details here unfortunately. Sorry.


We will have more info later, dont blame @DrFusselpulli. Thanks!

Its okay JR, i am payed for it :smiley:


That’s probably good idea, considering how half-baked beta was.

We’ve waited and followed the project this long, we can wait longer.
All’s good as long as end result justifies it all! :slight_smile:

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Well, I’ll wait as well. I have long tradition in waiting for this since 2011 already, and while 2015 was unreal, 2016 was okay, 2017 is a bit unpleasant, but I admit it is necesarry with current state of ‘beta’. We should get some compensation for this waiting, however. Children. Marriages and relationship mechanics. Fighting from the horseback. Some feature originally scheduled for Act 2 maybe. Something.

I have lost most some of my first expectations for this game, though. So release date doesn¨t matter much anyway :slight_smile:


Anyway you can to try to get that in, eh Gryphonheart? XD

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That’s good news, I personally like you want to make a successful game. Skill based combat, in the setting you’re going for will not be easy. Take your time, do a good job. I am hoping it’s worth the wait!

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I could be alone on this but i doubt it, i find it a bit worrying that Warhorse seems to act quite defensive when ever basic questions are asked now a days.


Nah, they are just keeping their secrets for bigger release opportunities like E3 and gamescom, so it has better marketing impact imo, which is quite reasonable

It is known that a good thing is worth waiting for… But what is with great things? I am happily waiting a bit longer. Keep up your great work. (and continue visiting our friends at the CTU :slight_smile: )

I am sorry, what do you mean?

I think he is referring to this conversation.

@SirWarriant " y tho?" meme

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Oh !! come’on not again …

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Sad to hear of the delay, but I know you guys will make it a fantastic game in the end! Just do it up right and we’ll be waiting :slight_smile: