Stealth kills are broken


How can I complete a mission that requires stealth when as soon as I stealth kill the first guy. The whole castle hears it raises the alarm and rushes my position. This problem also appears if you stealth kill someone in the woods some how every bandit in the camp will hear it and rush your position. So how is it a stealth kill if people in the next city can hear it.


It’s probably made this way because otherwise, stealth kills would be too OP as you could pretty much chain stealth kills when everyone goes to sleep without any limitations. Not saying it is a great system, but I see the reason behind it. You can pretty much solve everything in multiple ways, so you can surely do the mission without stealth. Also it may be easier to just poison the bandits during the night and then wait for them to drop dead the next day when they eat their delicious stew.


Stealth is the only way it’s a story mission. Even the other charters say we have to remain quiet. But it’s impossible to do if stealth kill doesn’t kill quiet and a whole garrison can hear. The system is broke I’ve seen it on other communities come up often. So it’s either a bug or very poorly designed. The idea of stealth is to remain undetected. Yeah posing is a option for bandit camps but what if that’s not your play style.


If you’re trying to break out Sir Radzig and Lady Stephanie you, or so it seems, cannot complete that quest right now. I tried and tried knocking people out, eventually skipping the guards at the gate and just looking for the prisoners…got the the checkpoint knocking a few people out on the way only to find that they arent even there. I looked it up and most common response was to just “fail” the quest and it continues…pretty dumb


The game is just a mess at the mintuite people who defend it and say everyone is shit don’t help. But yeah the quest is broken until stealth kills are actually stealthy and can’t be heard from everyone. And quest don’t bug out the game is near unplayeable


that’s why I’m just going through doing what I can, saving next play through for when an update comes around to really solidify some stuff. Not that many times but it seems the closer to the end I get the more I have problems with quests only being able to be done a certain way. Gonna keep pushing, try to finish this out and just enjoy what I can until a few months have passed and the game is a bit more stable.


just trying to keep an open mind. I went into Rattay the other day and all the building were gone…boy was it hard to try to navigate through doors and houses that you cant see lol. But, I really do like it and have a huge interest in polished product so no real bother


Yeah the games fun and I like playing and when it’s fixed I’ll happily go through again.


I managed by taking out the guards with stealth kills after at least 25 times. Make sure you save right upfront, and I felt like it makes a difference how close you stand behind the victim. Go as close as possible, and then strike. I managed after trying a lot, so don’t expect this going super fast…
For me the only challenge left after mid game, was dealing with the bugs. Lol, enjoy


how did you kill the one without the one right next to him hearing though? I can take out every guard in the complex I found except those two; which is when I said screw it and skipped them looking for Sir Radzig and Stephanie, who were not in the room the marker led me to anyway


Yeah I had my tounge in the guys arese the whole castle still hears it. I think stealth in general is broken . There’s a mission to spy on a cuman camp I go in dressed as a cuman. And they are drawn to me like a magnet and instantly know I’m not one of them.


Yup. When I did Pribaslavitz I could only get 1 pot poisoned and 1 arrow thing burned(because I had enough str and speech/cha to pass two checks before getting busted). As soon as I actually went in, whether I poisoned the pot right away or stayed back in the shadows, an NPC would come darting straight for me for questioning; maybe not right away but I only had like a minute or two regardless of how many NPCs were around to “see me”. Finally I decided fuck it and just went for it and only ended up getting what I said. I even left for a while and came back and they were back on me with my speech options already used up so I took off and continued the quest.


Yeah I agree. This needs to be fix. The purpose of stealth kills and knockouts is to be stealthy. No one should hear you. Who cares if it makes the game easier, that’s just how stealth is suppose to work. Otherwise it’s not stealth and it useless; as it is now. The stealth system is a joke.


I could understand knockouts making a little noise because they would grunt and mumble for much longer then a stab to the heart. How about silent kill makes little to no noise(like you have to be right next to someone and they should be awake to be able to hear) and a knockout is louder, for longer, and at an increase range. Just balance it


I’m sorry, but if someone is in complete REM sleep they’re not hearing anything. If you knockout out someone next to someone who is sleeping I don’t think they should wake up. Given henry holds their mouth and nose. The sound they make shouldn’t be enough to wake them.


See that would make sence. I agree chocking someone out is loud but a knife to the heart or neck no one should hear a thing. And someone shouldn’t be able to resist a stealth take down they ain’t spider man. So how do they suddenly stop me doing it. On another note somehow cleared the whole castle so no enemies and checked everywhere no sign off the hostages so quest is broken.


but if the person is struggling, maybe kicking and flailing(even though you dont see it in game) or they’re screaming for a long time, even with your hand over their mouth, they are going to draw attention of people close by, at least sometimes. The longer the person is struggling the more likely they will be noticed, sorry to break it to you. If you are completely asleep and someone gets their neck slit or they get stabbed in a spot where they’ll die really fast then that is more likely.


Also you have to think about playaility, can’t have it be so easy to just go into town while people are sleeping and kill everyone, or bandit camps or whatever; that would be stupid


Hollywood and other games have created a HUGE false impression about “stealth kills”. In real life, the purpose of a “Stealth Kill” is primarily using stealth to get into a position from which to launch a killing attack on the enemy without giving him any chance to hurt you in return. Done right, this IS rather quieter than a stand-up fight, but it still unavoidably makes a fair amount of noise. So you’re only going to remain undetected by other enemies if you make the kill out of earshot.

There are several sources of noise when killing somebody with a knife. These are:

Impact of the Blow: If you attack through bone (either the ribcage or the skull), you have to hit hard enough to get through. At the very least, this sounds like a good punch landing in a fistfight. If you pull the guy’s head back and stab down through the base of his throat, while the knife going in doesn’t make much noise, there’s still the thump of you pulling his back into your chest.

Victim Noise: Other than going into the base of the skull, there’s no instant death here. Even when stabbed down through the aorta and into the heart, it will still take some seconds for the victim to bleed into unconsciousness. During this time, the victim will at least gurgle fairly loudly, grunt, and maybe cry out in pain if you left that an option. Besides this, the victim will likely thrash about some (even when skull-stabbed) and will likely drop whatever he was holding at the time. There’s not much you can do about that because you’re usually using both hands to hold his head just right and stab, so you can’t control the guy’s arms.

Vertical-to-Horizontal Noise: If your victim was standing up, he’s now going down. If you let him fall naturally, he’ll make a lot of noise. If you lower him as best you can (realizing he’ll be thrashing at least some, maybe a lot), you still make noise although this depends somewhat on what the victim was wearing and holding, and what the ground surface is.

Bottom line is, unless there’s something to keep others from hearing all this, you’re going to be heard. Simple as that. What makes others not hear all this is distance, intervening walls, and ambient noise. If you’re in the same room with other enemies, you’re busted. If you’re in the next room, MAYBE you can get away with it depending on what the intervening wall is and how loud other activities are at the time. The quieter it is, like if everybody’s asleep, the more noticeable your noise will be. So if you’re in a busy market, you could well get away with it just out of sight around a corner because the noise will either blend in with the ambient or be covered by it.


That’s why there is usually 1 bandit awake and patrolling. Killing him stealthy without alarming the rest must be normal because that’s the dangers of camping in the forrest. That’s also why there are night patrols in cities. The only problem with them is that they don’t seem to give a shit if you are lurking near a house door for a long time or if you are suspicious. They only care for the Torch, if only they stumble on you.