Stealth System so far

Does everyone else have such “fun” experiences?

  • Guards 7 metres away from you, looking in your direction while there is still light from torches = youre still undetected

  • Taking a NPC out while sleeping (no matter how) and the guard outside the house (no possibility of seeing it) immediately rushes towards you

  • Without light at all nearby your target is in a bed and sleeps, he has 2 budies around him also sleeping in their bed, one left, one right
    the right one is 1,5m and the left one 4m away from him
    you take him out, no matter if with dagger or knockout and the left guy at once stands up and calls for guard, the right one doesnt care and keeps dreaming

  • Complete darkness, somewhere in a camp, 4-5 bandits patroulling, they are max. 20m away from each other
    you sneak up to 10m to one of them, take out your longbow and shoot him in the head through his helmet
    everybody doesnt care, nobody even heard how the arrow penetrated the helmet
    but dont you dare kill him with your dagger, since if you do it, everybody at once knows what happened and where you are and who got killed, even outside the line of sight


Yep stealth is awful. Dropping poison in bandit’s food is even worst. No body is around or sees me but once I drop the poison in the food everyone comes running my way. Trying to sabotage Runt came is really annoying.

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I never killed anyone with poison, I have poisoned dozens of camps chili and not once seen them die

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I mentioned this and had a bunch of guys saying it’s realistic the way it currently is. I just feel if you use stealth to kill someone, They should not hear you.

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Yeah I haven’t either. Never poisoned anyone at Runt’s camp or anywhere else. Every time I do that quest to sabotage his camp I find myself just dressing up like a cuman and running to destroy all the arrows before they notice me. I don’t even try to poison the food. As of now the stealth system is garbage.

Agree. The stealth is poorly implemented and it seems like it’s not fully completed. They clearly gave us the option to poison the camps but it just isn’t working properly - sleeping bandits will just rush to you immediately. Not sure if bug, poor design or lazy scripting. Looks to me that a lot of scripts/AI is really not finished or just poorly written/designed.

No only are they sleeping, Drunk also. I have been drunk and seen drunk people sleeping. You could slam a book and they will likely not wake up.

I poisoned 1 pot and burned 4 arrow barrels. The key is to hit a few pots/barrels and run away, even if you enter combat just keep running. When things die down tou can come back and do it again(not saying that’s how it should be, just how it is currently)

I went in the north east side through that barn and hit a pot of food and two arrow barrels and left. Waited until dawn, went back in disguised as a bandit and hit two more arrow barrels. They noticed me that time and I ran like all hell.

Gonna go talk to Sir Radzig tonight and see if I actually sabotage them or if I got the mission fail like last play through which I hit 2 of each food and arrows…we’ll see I guess

Looking back at this post, I was drunk writing it. lol

Hello a bit late to the party, but I do think they’ve changed some stuff, you can check my video to see that they no longer wake up so easily.

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The cherry on the cake is how rigid the animations are where you kill someone, others miraculously get alerted and wake from sleep and instead of being allowed to toss the soon to be corpse aside and draw your sword you gently hold him until you can decide whether to drop or lift him.

And dropping him of course is done gently since you don’t want to further offend those who are already swinging their club through your skull.

I am pretty sure this thread is no good anymore. Stealth is awesome, but 100% focus on noise more than appearance. I can kill 6 bandits in the woods with forester and kill people right in front of others if they are low level. However if they are knights, i might be able to kill one or two before the other jump me.

I’m pretty sure the thread is just as valid considering my point. Rigid animations being the point. If we’re talking stealth at range sure, there’s not much of an issue there. However stealth up close still doesn’t run along common sense. Admittedly, I’ve not yet witnessed the 3rd issue OP mentioned

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