Steam punk genre

There just isnt enough steam punk games for xb1 we need more I recommend the @deV to try there hand at one

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

On Xb1 they are part of the “Amnesia Collection”.

Wtf how is that suppose to be steam punk???

I recommend u not comment on this again

Or ull regret it

I apologize i have skizopherena and that game really ticked me off ill post what steam punk is actually bout

Its almost not even on xbox 1 no steam punk games what so ever just bioshock and it was a good story driven but i was thinking rpg open world, air ship travel, robots, prostectics from injury, things like that not a 1980s dungeon crawler were ur tormented something that catches the mind and perception and is open world.absoultley no open world steam punk games whatsoever today

And if u know some try and name a few

Frost punk is steam punk genre chess look it up

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