Sticky Targeting or Target Locks and disengage

Can we please get a slider in the options menu to optimize the users experience with target lock?

A few patches ago, this was AWESOME, you could slide from target to target with the smallest mouse movement and tackle multiple opponents without having to hope that your frantic attempt to scroll wheel to the next target would end up on the guy beating the crap out of you.

As such it’d be helpful if we could get a sensitivity slider in the options menu to change how much or how little stickyness we have on each target lock.

Also, one of the biggest issues when IN combat right now is that you can get stuck in a bind with an opponent while his pals beat the crap out of you while you can’t move.

Any chance you can work in a way to disengage from the bind by moving backwards?

Both of these would be massively helpful.

It looks like there are a number of other threads similar to this, but given that it has recently become an issue for playability since a recent patch, I’m hoping it’s OK to post a potentially new solution to an ongoing problem.

Thx, and much love as we all cough ourselves to death.


Or you can just bind “unlock target” to something easily accessible (I use LAlt). Then hold this and point a the opponent you want to target before releasing.