Still plans for VR Support?



On the Kickstarter campaign on the FAQ you said the games will support Oculus Rift.

Is VR Support still on your plans?

Thank you.


As far I remember they said that cry engine supports it, but the game would be too hard to optimise for VR… Meaning the game can be run in VR already, but can likely cause you simulation sick


Yes, that is exactly the case. We maybe will do some VR optimization later, after release.


The screen will work. You might even be able to get the motion controls to simulate the mouse, but the VR experience you’re imagining will never work in a real game.


It’s mostly down to your framerates, so far DOOM 3, Minecraft and GTA V all have good VR mods allowing you to play the “real” game. Cryengine is capable of putting out the framerates required, and adding motion controller support can be fairly trivial depending on the implementation. If they do it well even if the add VR game modes to introduce combat with motion controls in an arena setting they would likely sell several thousand copies minimum just on that ability.


We will not have VR optimization at release, and motion sickness is a big concern in Kingdom Come Deliverance, especially in combat and horse riding.


You’re vastly over estimating the demand for VR. At this point, only 0.18 percent of Steam users own the Vive and only 0.10 percent own the Rift. The amount of effort required compared to the expected return is simply not worth it.


Understood - However this is circular: If no-one develops VR games based on current demand- then no one will buy in to VR…and demand will be low. Kingdom Come: Deliverance has the potential to be the game that creates the demand for VR.


I am an Oculus rift CV1 owner and I have to say I don’t think this would be a game I would care to play in VR.


i would love to play it in vr


i plat skyrim on psvr and i got over the initial light symtoms without the tunnel vison to help and am now having the time of my life, i would absoulutly freak out if this came to ps vr


how would it be any different than skyrim vr i dont get sick in skyrim!


Horse riding could not be in 1st person, combat would have to be simplified for VR etc etc…


I understand that VR is a small market but whoever has the potential to run it, will most likely buy it. So out of the 0.27% mentioned to have a VR headset, I expect a large percentage of that to get into it. That being said though, the game looks like it’ll draw a lot of attention and with a landscape so beautiful, it’s a must! I’m not trying to push it and obviously I’d rather have the game come out on time and as it’s being patched for, maybe VR could slowly get implemented. There’s even more audience with the PS4 as well. The prices for headsets are dropping and demand is rising. I won’t mind if you open a kick-starter page for it :slight_smile:


I have a rift and also don’t think I would want to play the game on the rift. Motion sickness would likely be terrible - I have yet to play a first person 3D walking around game that works well - a lot use teleport rather than walking to try and get around the motion sickness issues. I think warhorse are likely to be much better off spending their efforts bug stomping than creating a VR optimised edition.


Hello, I own the vive and have no problem playing fall out 4 for hours without tunnel vision on and teleport, never had an issue. Out of the 8 ppl, one got sick(also known too), one was afraid of becoming sick, one used teleport for 10 min then was fine for hour and half when had to leave, 1 got scared of gouls, was scared of getting nightmares, lol, a 32 year old, and the rest had no dramas, loved it, i hope this gets support i guess asap would be nice! i got over 50 hours into it on vr. not one issue with motion sickness on full locomotion. I have faith that this can be done with kingdom come deliverance.


However VR owners spends ALOT more on games than regular users.


One of the reasons I backed this game on Kickstarter was because of the VR support. IN the meantime I have a pretty good machine and an Oculus Rift with touch. I think it would be a sad thing if the VR support was never added. But I do understand that they need more time. Well implemented VR movement like in Serious Sam, first encounter, need not cause any VR sickness at all. I don’t get the people saying that the fighting would need to be simplified for VR, indeed VR allows it to be more complex and more complete.


I regsitered an account just to say - PLEASE add VR support. This game looks amazing, but I only play VR games so I’ll wait and see if this one ever becomes available. If the Rift was supported I would pay $100 instantly to to dive into this world. If the VR community is too small, jack up the price a bit to compensate. Nobody with a VR system is too financially strapped anyway…


I play all kinds of games with Oculus Rift. I ride on horse back, fly, turn, walk, jump etc. and I do not have problems with motion sickness anymore. This game would be awesome in VR :smiley: