Stolen Horses

Has anyone found a way to keep a stolen horse? I have stolen a horse but i have no clue how to, if it’s even possible, make it your “owned” horse. Any help would be appreciated.

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i really dont think so plus if it will be gaming breaking if you could

But what about horses from kumans? There isn´t text: steal horse but only ride horse… how to keep thisone? because i found really fast horse in kuman camp

They really should have made it so any horse you steal would be owned by you after a certain length of time or something. Otherwise, what’s the point in being able to steal them??

When the game was released, it was possible to keep that horse you stole when on the run. If you did not take it to get out of Talmberg, it would be there after you came back from Rattay. It would not be seen as a stolen horse and you could ride it where you like. Only thing; you could not use the wistle and the baggage option. Still, was nice to have a horse in beginning of game.

After a certain patch, they made this horse dissapear after Runts knocks you out in Skalitz.


From an immersive perspective, it’s probably nonsensical.

From a game balance perspective, though, it makes perfect sense. The fact is that transportation range and carry weight extends too far if you get a horse early on; it’s game-breaking. Having to traverse from Point A to Point B is nothing if you have a mount; you can run away from bandits, you can hunt game to your heart’s content and transport it for sale (the ability to cook game and sell it without fencing is also game-breaking), etc.

Personally, I feel that getting a horse is far too easy in this game - Pebbles and Roan shouldn’t be available so soon, and some of the horses look to be too cheap. but that’s just me; I can imagine there are plenty of players who think the game is too hard, and would rage-quit if it got any harder. Nevertheless, the horse in medieval times was akin to the auto culture in today’s America, complete with a full logistic and maintenance line to take care of the animals, whether for pack riding, farm labor, or war. The game’s story makes some mention as to what a step-up this is for Henry.

That said, a better mechanic for limiting the imbalance of horses could be used. Rather than making stolen horses “vanish”, they could simply be listed as “stolen” permanently - which makes sense considering horse-thievery was always considered a serious offense, and eventually a guard “teleports” to you and catches you if you’re inside town limits. Horse thievery was a serious crime in the Medieval and Pre-industrial Age.

As for horses taken from Cumuns and bandits, there is a round-about method: Attach a Horsemanship skill level requirement to every tier of horse, then make the Bandit horses too hard to ride for low-level players. If you try to use a horse that is above your equestrian skill, the horse just throws you off, and a warning note tells you why. So, you can technically steal a horse from bandits and cumuns, but doing so would mean you’re well past the low-level part of the game. Or you could just make the horse “tied up” and immovable until the enemies around the camp are defeated - killing multiple enemies in this game is rather difficult until you skill up.

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Short answer is you can’t keep stolen horses. Long answer is you can keep them you just can’t use their inventory or equip them or whistle for them.

There’s a lot of room for growth in this game in terms of the horse culture in medieval times, probably as an expansion to be sold separately, allowing you to port your character from one game to the next.

Stable management, husbandry, care, feed, jousting, entertaining guests, even creating your own estate and being granted vassals and serfs, etc.

Story-wise, it would probably be best to fold in Theresa and especially her Uncle and start small in the management of farmland, possibly with the decimation of the mill and some of the surrounding farmland of Rattay. You’re starting from scratch, and you only have so much growing season before harvest and the winter. A gmae mechanism which keeps track of 365 days in the year - that would be a really interesting investigation into medieval economics and agriculture.

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I couldn’t agree more. also the horse could have differing levels of earning its trust.

Addin to the necro, but playing a hardcore and delaying main quest shows some shortcomings of the game as released. For the number of hard lessons the game tries to teach, stealing a horse feels like it should be one of them.

Stealing a horse and not being caught should make it your horse but if you are ever seen on it by someone from the stable it’s stolen from (or stables in general, or sir bernard/sir robard and the bailiffs who would hear about a horse theft) it should have massive game repercussions. Instant hatred of that town and the bailiff getting in contact with the lord who owns that village, spider webbing out to all his holdings of low reputation and imprisonment. Maybe even a cheeky little quest where you can use speech/charisma to explain your way out of the hangmans gibbet to Sir Divish/Sir Hanush or blackmail/intimidate the stable into saying they gave false testimony and it is in fact your horse.

Let the game think you’ve gotten away with it and bam, a gutpunch like the first time you didn’t have a torch at night.

You’ve swiped warhorse jenda, it’s been a few weeks for word to get around, and you ride back to Rattay to do a quest like Robber Baron. You ride up to Sir Bernard and he immediately recognizes the stolen 4000 groschen warhorse. He pulls you into an auto conversation where he accuses you of stealing the horse and dependent on relation and personal stats you can attempt to lie, admit to it and hope for some sort of leniency, or bolt and be chased. You are then left with a few direct and a few creative or underhanded ways to deal with the problem. 20 statman well loved and respected Bastard to the royal hetman Henry might be able to get the stablemaster flogged for false testimony. A sneak build might hide the price of the horse in the stables storeroom and claim the stablemaster was paid and is cheating you and to his surprise and the ire of his liege lord 4000 groschen are in his footchest. Maybe you falsify a document of ownership as a learned man after pickpocketing the signet ring that acts as his signature. Maybe you simply ask for mercy and in leu of being hanged (due to no reason at all but for some reason sir Radzig is here and looks disappointed) have to clear a very punitive fine/labor owed to the stud farm you robbed. etc. etc.

Comparatively what we got was one side quest involving horse theft and horses you have no ingame reason to attempt to steal. No reward and similarly almost no risk meaning no one attempts it. Why steal a horse you’ll never own.