Stories of Henry of Skalice - The warrior (Damn Bugs! 🤣)

Well, this story starts when Henry is on his way to Sassau, it’s 9 o’clock already, and for an inexplicable reason the smith always travels between Pribyslavitz and Sassau. In fact, he shouldn’t do that, since he is officially the Sassau’s Monastery Forge Smith after Zach left to Pribyslavitz. (Damm Smith! or should I say, Damm Bug! :rofl:)

Henry stopped for a moment wondering what the blacksmith was doing in those woods at that time if he should be in his Forge.

Nevertheless, he continued his way because he could not waste his time thinking about banalities, he had an important mission to fulfill.

Suddenly, bandits and cumans were fighting till death in middle of the way. Henry saw the oportunity to get a good looting from these villains. He dismounted his horse and prepared his sword. But when he was preparing for the bloody combat, he realized that the blacksmith’s life was in danger against those well-armed bandits. The blacksmith was approaching them! Unarmed!

A single slash with a saber or an arrow landing on him would be enough to cause a bleeding that would kill him even if he fled for his life. He understood that he should not save only damsels in distress but any innocent life he could.

So Henry decided to knock him out while he took care of those bandits hordes by himself

When he woke up, he got up and kept walking. He did not even imagine that the massacre he was contemplating had happened for his sake. He just said: “Henry, I’m glad you come!”. Henry thought to himself: “Yes, you should!”


This story is about the Pribyslavitz cheerleaders… erhmm, guards… well, not exactly guards, since they are not patrolling at all, they are iddle, just standing there, in the main way entering Pribyslavitz (Damn Guards, or should I say, Damn Bug! :rofl:)

Here is Henry coming home late in the afternoon, and the welcome committee is there, waiting for him

Here is Henry again coming home late in the night, and the loyal guards are there, as always, waiting for him

Why do I call them cheerleaders, you ask? Well, when I’m passing nearby, they all salute at same time, and saying same words in chorus: “Hey, Henry has come to see us!”.

That 4 manly voices in chorus sounds beautiful, in fact, I would like to have all 15 or more guards there cheerleading for me when I come home, that would be POWERFUL!

PS.: This bug started after DLC ver. 1.7 and still happens after patch 1.7.1 when you chose judgment “Labourer & Woodcutter soldiers”


This time Henry was ambushed by Black Peter, only that it didn’t go well for Black Peter and got smashed. But Henry tried to bring him to justice, not by himself, but by the Rattay’s Bailiff, so he decided not to kill him right there but loot all his belongins. He wished to expose all Peter’s previous heinous crimes and schemes - ambushing, poisoned sword, robbering, murder - before all the Rattay’s City citizens, ending with that misterious murder time ago.

So, Henry lured him through Rattay’s square. Unfortunately, the Rattay’s guards were not interested in get Black Peter to the Justice even when he was attacking Henry to kill him just in their faces.

Henry then realized that the only possible outcome would be one death, and that would not be him. So, after knock him down again, he killed Black Peter breaking his neck… and surprise! Now the guards were interested in justice… against Henry!

At last, Henry was able to escape this time, until next time…

PS.: You can let him knocked down and he will will walk 'till abandon KCD world (which feels unfair for the blacksmith’s son death), or just kill him ASAP.


Well, this is not a bug… but Henry was about to make a MATRIX move!

I’ll tell you why in my next post… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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After Henry killed and plundered EVERYTHING from Vranik (yeah, even the horses) he went to sleep a nice and deserved rest, at morning, the Bailiff had arrived, so Henry followed him hoping for a ‘thank you’ at least and to report the situation…

Unfortunately, the bailiff was interested only in the burial of the bandits, waiting for the gravedigger…

And worst, when he saw Henry he accused him without evidence of the murders and began attacking him!!

How ungrateful bastard! so, here some questions, add yours:

How the hell managed to get in to Vranik???
Was he colluded with the bandits???
Who informed him to come???
Who framed Henry???


Lovely stories :smiley:

The blacksmith in 1st episode shall be saying after waking up and seeing the bodies:
-Damn, I’ll destroy entire forest someday because of drinking!


I think the sadness for the loss of his son has made this blacksmith to get on the roof… :anguished:

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Welcome to medieval Bohemia, I see our tourism board is accommodating you.


Sir Hans Capon with 2 horses… :thinking:

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Good boi Henry!
The interesting thing about the glitch you experienced when you took Black Peter in to turn him in to the guards . . . I was experimenting with something along these lines myself recently. I used Stealth kills to take down 4 of the 5 bandits in the camp near the ancient Treasure site IV. I then did a non-lethal take-down on the last guy and looted him. I then carried him (dropping periodically to ‘re-mug’ him) to the charcoal camp toward the river. As I walked past those woodcutter NPCs I heard them use the “Ah, now what is this!? Entertainment!” sorts of ‘I’m going to fight you’ lines, and when I dropped the bandit they did in fact get Aggro. Also when I tackled and knocked him out again, they went back to normal non-aggro.
All this to say: the specifics of which NPCs do and do not react explicably to Henry dragging a “bad guy” into their midst might vary quite a bit. In my experience the Rataje guards are imbeciles! :sweat_smile: I think someone has been spiking their ale with mercury! :smiley:

Hahaha, you’re right, in fact, it has improved a lot from its beginnings… In previous versions of the game people would go running like crazy or attack you immediately see you carrying a corpse, didn’t matter if a bandit’s corpse.

Right now, they even give you some advice… IE.: If villagers see you carrying a bandit’s corpse, they’ll tell you ‘you only need to bring his ears’ :joy:

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Kunesh wandering in Ledetchko after being recruited for Pribitslavitz…

They sure know how to get good time together… in Ledetchko’s Tavern

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