Strange FPS Drops


Greetings Guys,
I have a problem with my game, cause I have strange FPS Drops every 10-20 minutes. It happens everywhere in the woods, in town or even in dialogues and cutscenes.
I did not have this problem before Band of Bastards I think.
I normaly reach constant 66 to 60 FPS, in towns its mostly about 45-55, most of the settings are on high and medium.
But when the FPS Drop occurs its going down to under 10 to 20 FPS.

My System is:
Processor: i7.7820HK 2,90Ghz
RAM: 16 GB
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Maybe someone around here can help me fix this.


If it’s installed on an hdd try running defrag. Don’t run defrag on ssd tho.
Other than that if you have installed some new program that activates every once in awhile in the background might affect performance.


Sounds like your laptop is overheating after playing for a while and then your clock speed is reduced which causes less fps.

Try managing your temps of cpu and gpu with msi afterburner.


okey I‘ll try that thank you all