Strong textures edges


Hi everyone,
I just got a new computer (GTX1070, i7-8700K, 16Gb DDR3, Win10), and decided to finally buy this awesome game :slight_smile:
However, after setting all graphics on Very High, the whole game looks kinda weird. The textures edges feel rough, really strong, giving the scenery a “borderlands-like” aspect, which really kills the immersion. I’m playing on 1980*1080.
When watching gameplay on Youtube i figured this couldn’t be normal !

Here are some screenshots :

It’s really visible on vegetation, as it looks weird with really rough black edges.

What setting could I have set wrong for this to happen ? Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:


This is effect of little bit of alcohol (see the icon at the button). It uses sharp filter.


Oh wow, that’s super silly… Indeed I reloaded a previous save and… no sharpness ^^
Thanks a lot, I’m sorry for this stupid question, I didn’t expect such an effect, mainly because I don’t remember having too much to drink during this first quest ^^


No reason to be sorry, really. Save potion is partially alcohol.


Oh right ok, I used the Save Potion on this save. Perfect, thanks again, I’m going back to the game now :stuck_out_tongue: