Stuck at Loading screen Band Of Bastards

So like the headline says, i’m always getting stuck at loading screen after talking to sir kuno, to take the first trip togheter.
This happens right after the trial combat fight.

I have tried to go back a few saves and replay a bit to see if it works but it never does.
I have also tried to verify the game thourgh steam, but it doesn’t help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Still having problems.

What game version do you play? If on PC (steam!),… do you have updated the game to Version 1.9.0?
If you are on PC, do you use any MODs? Or have you in the past?

Yeah i’m playing at Version 1.9.0.
I’m not using any mods.
Still havving the same issue, and only in that part of the game.
I have no clue what causing this :frowning: