Stuck between 2 objects


Im currently stuck, is there something i can enter in the console?


No, nothing that you put in console will help you.

If you cannot get away by crouching, turning, jumping etc. I’d say you are doomed. And you have to start a new game.


Unfortunately, as Proky is saying, there is no other way :’( .

You can however provide us with a screenshot / location where you got stuck so we know what needs to be polished :slight_smile: .


Maybe a fly command? or a Noclip command if there are any?


There used to be command to alter gravity but it is disabled in 0.5 version as is most of other commands.
So you wont find any help in the command line.

EDIT: Just a thought here but if you had a bow and shot someone armed, he would attack you and you might be able to get unstuck by dodgin, parying or clashing and pushing away.
But you will need bow, arrows and a sword. And also some fighting skills.
And it might not even work.
So chances are pretty low :smiley:


When i got stuck in a grave i dropped items from my inventory and since there was no space to drop them (technically) it dropped the items on me and it waddled me out of the spot. thats the system i use and it works, since you cant fast travel on HC which makes it tricky otherwise


Save/reload sometimes works. When reloading it bumps you out