Stuck on Quest PLZ Help


stuck at point in prologue of the game where Henry returns to destroyed Skalitz to bury his parents. He needs to find a shovel to do so, but I’ve been unable to obtain this shovel. According to a YouTube guide, there’s a looter in the town you’re supposed to fight for it, but when I encountered that looter, and drew my sword, he simply ran off, and I was unable to catch him.

Have I messed up this quest somehow or is there another way of getting that shovel?


He drops the shovel, should be shoved into the ground behind where he was

You were never meant to catch the looter


If for some odd/buggy reason, you cannot find it, I am told blacksmiths in towns often sell spades/shovels. But one should be visible in burnt-down Skalitz like fang3412 said.


Have you come across the dog with wotshisface trying to loot the body of its master? You should have a convo with him and then after a bit hell run away doing the shovel.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure thats what hes worried about
Looter runs away after said confrontation