Stuck with The Good Thief quest

So in the beginning of the game i started the good thief quest and i dig the grave didn’t found the ring and i was to lazy to carry on this quest so i carry on the main quests eventually one of his men come to collect his debt so i paid him cuz i felt rich now when i realize i need to do this quest to sell stolen good its wont let me when i talk to pashek its wont giving me the option to carry on the quest only bet on the tourney and ask him questions but i see the good thief quest in my quest log its says there that pashek and his niece threat me well and i own them my life but i want so much to do this quest i need help please

Is the quest still active?

its seems like its active but i have no where to go in the map and pashek dosnt say anything about the quest even if i go to the quest log and press the map option i dont see the quest in the map

Well try going to speak too the Rattay Executioer as he will probably have dialog options about the ring if the quest is still active.

You can only have 3 quest markers active. disable the marker from any other quest, then enable the marker from The good thieve