Stuttering and drops in towns

I appear to be experiencing stuttering when visiting Rattay and other towns.

Has anyone found a solution to resolve the stuttering?

SSD fixed my stuttering as in where the game freezes for like a split second type stutter, there’s different types of stutter, I also get FPS drops where the game seems to be loading assets then it stabilises once everything loads, towns need optimising more at higher settings. Rattay can be bad, at night time with NPC’s and torches gets rough too.

I’m just getting stuttering after the last patch. Everything used to run smooth and now I’m in stutter central. Walking up the main street in Rattay is now awful.

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This problem seems to be related to the game overloading 1 cpu core.
Here is a link to thread on steam that fixed the problem for me.

I tried the cpu workaround with no real change to performance.

only other suggestion I have is Vsync off and use the -heapsize command when launching.
the vause I use is -heapsize 1524288 with a system that has 16G of ram…

From everything I’ve read (and trust me, i’ve been reading about performance tweaks almost as much as I’ve been playing the game) heapsize doesn’t actually do anything. Some people are even saying that the heapsize command doesn’t work at all in cryengine games.

heapsize with 24GB does nothing with my freezing. And all 4 cores are loaded at 100% when it happens(

SirSopi Verify that game is in running in Fullscreen mode and see if that helps(you have to check this anytime you tab out of the game it will reset to borderless)

I’ve tryed fulscreen ofc, but in fulscreen mode the game freezes more. So i usually play in borderless mode, less fps but les freezing at the same time. Still nosingle word from WH team about their engine and i5 CPU…

I’m having this issue… At Rattay after latest update is stuttering, low fps. Before was glitches and now is stuttering