Suddenly can't start game because 0xc00000fd

So I have been playing for many days now and suddenly the game does not start! Just the splash screen is there for about ten seconds and then disappears. Eventlog shows this:
Název chybující aplikace: KingdomCome.exe, verze:, časové razítko: 0x5e3dc458
Název chybujícího modulu: EOSOVH-Win64-Shipping.dll, verze:, časové razítko: 0x5e975622
Kód výjimky: 0xc00000fd
Posun chyby: 0x000000000002c180

Maybe some other game installation broke it?

so seems like I fixed it by installing the vcredist from here
and rebooting the pc…
FYI if it happens to you