Suddenly lower fps?

Well, i have kinda odd issue. I was playing KCD on gamepass for pc few months ago, i had 2600k cpu then. The game didn’t run smoothly, so i put it aside. Recently i upgraded to 9900k, with 32 gb ram, and wanted to come back into the game. I’ve bought steam version for this with all dlcs. I started playing, put ultra preset and the game was running just flawlessly. Locked 60 fps outside, 50+ fps in major cities, drops to 40 fps in Rattay, but yet everything completely playable. I played this way about 40 hours and everything was just great. Today i started the game and suddenly i have 40-50 fps outside, drops to 20 in Rattay. There were absolutely no changes in my configuration, nor software not hardware. Now this is why i mentioned i played it few months ago - exactly the same issue happened to me on old rig. Fps numbers were different, but the issue was the same. Did anyone ever encounter something like this? I was trying to find in internet, but no one ever mentioned this kind of issue.
my rig

1080p 60hz monitor
i9 9900k (stock)
asus maximus xi hero mobo
hyperx fury 3600 mhz 32 gb ram
samsung 860 evo 500 gb sata ssd
windows 10 pro

any help would be very appreciated, i have no idea what can

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