Suggestion for archery tutorial in Train Hard, Fight Easy


I made the “mistake” of taking the time to listen to Captain Bernard’s instructions… so suddenly a timer stops and I am told I suck before I even shot once… Is it not logical to listen to your instructor talking before you fire :P. I was pissed and just did Escape X times: the prior autosave was nice.

Suggestion : replace timer with a number of arrows fired. Simple fix. It allows players who, for whichever reason, took a bit longer to be ready.

nb: this message is for the devs only. I will flatly ignore the predictable fan base passive-aggressive messages.


I did very well and still was told how bad I was. I was already over level 4 (hunting rabbits, deer and boar) in skill and was using the bow dot and no shaking part of another mod.
The whole set up does need a lead in to the start . Like the lecture then a " get ready…shoot" command. Also an acknowledgement if you do do well.


His response has been bugged the last few patches, regardless of how well you score.

“I don’t have time to wait around for you, boy.” -Bernard.

He tells you to shoot. Rather than shoot, you choose to not shoot.

The devs have actively chosen NOT to go down that route. There is no waiting for the player. The world moves, and the player, “for whichever reason” either keeps up or misses out.


True, bro. It was funny i also listened to him and SUDDENLY “YOU SUCK DUDE!!1” but i didn’t bother because my Henry’s archery now lvl 8 and he still sucks. Still swaying his bow like he has Parkinson in his age


One of the features of the robin hood mod on Nexus is fixing this on PC.


May be. But i don’t want to use any mods with this game. The game itself is one huge bug, and i just don’t want to run in any bugs that mods can bring along.