Suggestion to follower system

I dunno about any of you but, I am a little tired of getting into combat with 2 or 3 bandits or even cumans who all have plate armor like me and getting destroyed because I’m focusing on killing one of them and instead their buddies come and whack me in the head before they all start striking and then kill me how do you defend against that? bodyguards? mercenaries? friends who you’ve trained to use weapons and armor? perhaps some of you will say just run, however killing baddies is my main source of income and here recently ALL of the baddies i’ve faced have full plate armor I mean no big deal if it was just me against another plate armor guy I’m no master swordsman but I’m pretty skilled with blocking and getting my strikes in. before they wore plate all was fine I’d take on three easy and win go sell the loot and travel to find another baddie but it seems as though the enemies have become invincible i counted one of my battles with two guys wearing full plate I struck one of the guys in their head 10 times didn’t even scratch their hp then i got 5 strikes to their back nothing their buddy whacks me in the head once and then they kills me in 6 strikes mind you this is my armor and layout

LIKE WTF!? anyway it would be nice for a follower system so you can get some backup

just realized i forgot to put my sword there i have the soul slicer with 60 stab damage and 62 slash and 3 blunt
and then i have my heavy shield

BTW you did not say what level you are or refer to your equipment specs. So kinda hard to judge your difficulties.

I don’t have too much of a problem with the new armored bandits ( Cumans, and regular bandit aren’t much of a problem.
But then by the time they showed up in the game I have top grade armor, perks and strength , and use a poisoned ( for me a stronger Bain modded poison)ceremonial mace ( with my strength, 106 bashing) I use one of the jousting shield ( one with a notch) that has 150 defense.

BTW you can’t do combo’s with a long sword and shield.
Back then and now in the game maces and hammers do well against plate; especially when backed up with things like head cracker, golem, blood rush, Blacksmith son, and decent strength
and bain poison.
I can easily handle 2 of them and 3 might take a bit of work.
They don’t go down as fast as the less armored bandits.
The S.O.B,'s with pole arms you gotta be careful. Get and stay on top of them! don’t give them space to use their weapon.


It’s in the screen shot I put in there and yes I switched to short sword and it’s a bit easier I’ve not used any blunt weapons before so they would be rather useless to me unless I trained with captain Bernard alot but I’m level 15 with 18 str, 16 agi and a nice whooping 12 vitality lol jeez I know. But it would still be kinda nice to have a follower system. For the sole purpose of him distracting one or two while you kill off them one by one

And i haven’t gotten into alchemy yet either so I haven’t brewed potions BUT I switched up my tactics from using brute force and trying to swing until they are dead to waiting till they strike and using perfect defence to strike when they stagger along with combos that lets me get at their vulnerable areas more often. And yes the pole arms are a pain in the arse. I try to take them out first. I just bought the game 5 or 6 days ago and I’m loving every bit of it. Can’t wait for more updates.

What would be nice is not have a lock on target during multiple opponent combat.
Being able to switch target to the most threat at the moment.
Send some groshen and buy what training on the mace or hammer that is offered and Use them on the road. Don’t forget the perks and Poison.

But since the game is oriented towards 1vs1 dueling I just hafta get good at the use of the lock on function switching

That would be pretty nice. Being able to switch targets without having to scroll to the side furiously lol oh well what can you do? Really like the detail of the game though really fun if you can manage the learning curb of the combat system. Took me awhile I like games like this and have played mount and blade(really excited for the new one) and the elder scroll series so this was new for me when I saw the star.

I use a XB1 wireless controler so its If I remember press down left stick.
Not to harp too much but get the pro-bain mod , the full on version, -200 hp/min and the perks I mentioned.
With the new respect potion you could redo your combat stats and general perks. Providing your decent in alchemy.

Haven’t touched it yet. Been too focused on the story and getting the armor I have now. Noble plate armor, decorated mail coif Italian bacinet. And a buncha other high teir armor items

I use a Bailiffs mace with 68 blunt damage with perks and such. Level 4 in mace skill. Headcracker, Bloodletter and Sadist perks. A few smacks to the head usually suffices. I don’t use mods and haven’t really used any potions either. I almost forgot my trusty bow Level 9 = 105 ranged damage with the right arrows. Also make sure you move around a lot and don’t stand still.

Level 12
Strength = 14
Warfare = 8
Agility = 8
Vitality = 12

Not sure of my regular armor stats atm. but I have some high tier gear in storage I use once in awhile
Then again I usually only run into 2 plated enemies at a time.
For the lulz my sword skill is 3.

Doesn’t TAB switch the dueling target to the next opponent?

I play On an XB! wireless so to use the tab would be rather inconvenient.
I have never really been able to be good at WASD board work.

The ability to switch targets like in witcher 3 would make multiple foe combat less clunky from the 1 vs 1 target lock

if you’re reckless and act lke a phalanx of 1, you’re gonna die or spill a lot of blood and damage a lot of armor

spacing is most important. if at all possible, stay on a flank. for instance, if there are 3 NPCs, avoid fighting the guy in the middle. move to one of the outer ones. hit. move.

next, don’t burn all your stamina. if you try to trade shots against one NPC whilst another is next to you, you’re in for a world of hurt. use spacing to restore stam. sometimes, when you’re towards the bottom of the stamina bar, you land a solid blow that leaves the NPC opposite stunned or staggering. be careful in chaining attacks at that time. if you get too greedy, the other NPC(s) may inflict a lot of damage.

then, focus on specific NPCs. if possible, keep trying to target same NPC.

after that, vary your attacks. stab may work well upon initial engagement. but, if you repeat it too much, the NPC will get wise and block/avoid.

lastly, patience. i really have to resist the temptation to rush the killing of the NPC opposite me. bide your time for an opening/counterattack

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really wish you could add NPCs to Henry’s entourage and then use them to aid in missions. Henry’s Skalitz buddies are way underutilized in this regard. the Fritz-Matthew quests are ok, but find them to be distracting filler (and somewhat without sufficient context/motive). would make more sense and be more compelling gameplay if they were part of Henry’s band of brothers: hire/fire them, equip them, chose their attack specialisation(axe/mace/ short sword/bow/long sword/polearm)/tendency(offensive/defensive), buy/acquire their mounts, reward them (impacting loyalty/obedience algorithm), have them gain skills with experience

quest/activity/mission wise. provide a range of things that could be done.
–fight bandit/Cuman camps with them (this includes missions for Bernard et al as well as respawns that occur otherwise)
–fight battle spawn point enemies [allow Henry to designate response toward each of the factions spawned (ally/enemy/neutral)]
–create or convert some of the morally ambiguous quests for Henry to crew quests [have Andrew and the millers ask our crew if they want to earn money on the side - our crew picks and chooses which to accept. as low reward missions completed higher reward missions opened up. create new missions that can respawn (perhaps at different locales with different enemy NPC and treasure levels; locale and NPC/treasure level determined randomly at time of mission acceptance)]
–enable other opportunities to do good, bad, neutral acts
–use acts performed by the crew to derive a crew reputation (in addition to individual rep). crew rep influences opportunities available (eg Bernard wouldn’t offer good missions to your crew with bad rep). make it so that all criminal activity committed by the crew comes with an associated chance that each of the crew (including Henry) gets caught and punished accordingly (eg, being identified/caught for a capital crime can lead to one’s demise and in the case of Henry would mean the end of the game)

to me, the aforementioned ‘tweak’ would add a lot of depth and many hours of gameplay. perhaps it could be a part of the band of bastards DLC? @WH_janrucker pls :pray:

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HOLY… THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. just you were more clear on it I pray a developer sees this and thinks oh yeah. Because that sounds fricking amazing I would so buy the dlc for that


with followers, mercenaries, friends, companions, i believe it will be a good idea to equalize npc stats and abilites to better match the increased “firepower” of the player.

That is true but is it? I mean you’ll have to train them at first likely so if the enemies are your level and you’re out and about its likely they will die since from what my save before murderous rampage tells me that all npcs are killable no matter what or who they are

I even killed sir radzig once to see if I could

Sorry guys I can´t talk about it :slight_smile: