Surprised how CPU heavy this game is


Can this config be enough?
CPU LGA 1151 Intel Core i3-6100 3.7GHz, 3MB cache
RAM DDR4 8GB 2133MHz Crucial Value
PCIE GeForce GTX 1050 Ti ASUS PH-GTX1050TI-4G, 4GB DDR5
I heard that this game is MASSIVELY single threaded… my CPU is just I3 but it’s better in single thread than the minimum req. I5.


  • I plan to double my RAM before buying the game.




In the next few years, CPUs will become a lot more powerful, when AMD release their 7 nm ZEN 2 and Intel their 10 nm Ice Lake. These CPUs will run the game in idle.


Hmmm…than maybe I’ll wait a bit to begin playing this game… I guess my config is fine (except the CPU).


you dont have any “issues” because of a few things:

  1. KCD devs screwed their main player base and optimized the xbox / console versions FAR BETTER than they did with the PC versions (gotta confuse the player base, amirite babe?)

  2. youre a console peasant so your inferior eyes most likely cannot detect stutters and fps drops below 30 - you are PLEASED to see medium to low graphics perform at sub par numbers (also , your ultra highs are mine and every other pc players’ medium - lows).

  3. DLCS were pushed out instead of optimizations for the PC players, some have amazing experiences while others are screwed with terrible FPS for seemingly no fault of their own - forced to fix it themselves , due to the inadvertent state the devs took on getting the necessary tasks of fixing performance for all pc users by optimizing the game for EACH AND EVERY GFX CARD, the 1070 and 1070ti are STILL having issues with this game not recognizing how much VRAM it actually has (8gb vram NOT 4gb vram).

Aye aye aye, some people will never get it, and all the while the devs get rich off of their ignorance and laugh at our support tickets questioning optimization on high end rigs!


Kirksty is a troll. Optimized consoles? Yeah, not really. 1.6 was a texture-popin abomination. 1.7.0-1 restored performance to tolerable level. 1.7.2 regressed on textures and a little with popins. 1.8.0 has persistent minor popins (small objects such as tents, but not large ones such as buildings/walls) and textures are ok if you don’t mind occasional blur on some buildings in Rattay and clipping issues with pedestrians

fwiw, vanilla PS4


I had a similar problem. I have an I5-8400 and a 1080 (yes I realize with a 1080 I really should have a I7 but I figured since games aren’t heavily multithreaded and the 8400 has a decent boostclock I’d be fine, with my budget at the time I could either get a I7 and a 1070 or a i5 and a 1080) So far every game iv’e played I’ve had no problem getting stable 60fps at ultra, except KCD However when I set KCD to ultra I had dips below 30! So I tried going down to High and I still had regular dips to 45. I ended up having to go down to medium just to get a stable 60fps. So I opened up taskmanager, afterburner, and core temp to figure out what was going on and it turned out my gpu was managing fine but my cpu was never dropping below 85%-90% usage and most of the time it was at 100%! Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game this cpu heavy. once again this is the only game I can’t run at 60fps ultra.

Edit: Okay I was mistaken about a couple things (I haden’t played the game in a while) I tried playing it on the ultra high preset in Rattay (without the “HD” expansions) I did have drops as low at 25fps but I realized I could run it fine on high (not medium like I remembered) and also I discovered that although my cpu was at 80% my ram was also at 80%, so it was probably a mix of both problems, (I only have 8 gb of ram I built my PC during the shortage) it’s still surprising and I swear my cpu was at 100% last time I checked, even though it didn’t go that high this time. So I guess it’s a mix of this game loving cpu power and loving its ram.


What resolution are you playing?


Embarrassed to say but I’m only playing in 900p. I’m planning to upgrade my monitor this summer when I have the money.


Dual channel ram will significantly increase performance. I think 16gb ram is standard for gaming in 2019.

And before I got my 4k monitor I picked up a 1080p monitor for less then 20 euro.


i5 8600k 4.6Ghz, 16ram and 1060 6gb on 1080p game is playbale medium/high, but u need alot stronger cpu to keep 60fps atleast 5Ghz on 6+ cores. Hopefully next i5k delivers that with good temps.


With latest patch the graphic compartment was completely enhanced and now you can say when you’re gaming with ultra or medium settings.
The optimization has still a long way to go by the way, because what really hold back this game is the fps inconsistency.
With my 1080 Ti FTW3 overclocked and i7-6700k at 4.7 GHz, i’m getting a very wide fps delta, from 40/45 FPS in very populated area up to 120 fps in the forest and small villages. 80 fps delta is not about hardware capability but it matters and concerns a purely optimization process that must be undertaken.


I don’t think we will get more optimizations…


I thought as much but still with a last DLC on the way something could be done about it. Who knows…