Switch Weapon Requirement

Hi all,
i have a question again.
I have changed the requirements for some weapons from AGI to STR. For example short sword. What i have to change, that fighting with the short sword rise up my strenght?


Having a non-zero minimum requirement trains up that stat when the weapon is used. The one reported in the UI is the higher of the two, but both will train if present.

It is found in the weapon.xml

Note that changing the values alters the ‘availability’ of weapons as you level, and also the penalty and bonus of being below/above the value. (Malus is significant, bonus is very minor if present at all).

My experience with HEMA suggests that longsword is (mostly) agility based, with a minimal requirement for strength (leverage from two hands gives excellent structure and hard hits from simple reversals of gripping). Agility requirement is still modest though, and better weapons tend to have equal or better balance and handling, rather than significantly worse.
One handed weapons also require agility to use, but are slow and ineffective without sufficient strength. They are more tiring to use for extended periods, especially coupled with buckler, or used for a thrust centric form with extended guard. Agility requirements are similar to (but slightly different from) longsword (more actions of the one arm and torso with footwork, with rotation of the plane of the elbow… while longsword has much more simple extension of the arm and crossing/uncrossing of the wrists according to the side the guard/cut is on)… Strength requirements are much higher for sword in one hand than longsword though, especially in the parry or to press through a weak defence (armourstance/halfswording is used to help with these, but results in a shortened ‘two handed’ weapon)

Polearms require more strength with certain actions, but generally are not much worse than the sword in one hand. The extra width of the grip aids with agility and strength requirements compared to much smaller and lighter swords.

Control/speed and power requirements for percussion weapons (axes, maces, hammers) are higher than for swords because of the higher moment of inertia. There is some difficulty training with these weapon types in light protection at in a sparring context (waay too dangerous), so I only know how they feel different in the hand, and don’t know how they perform under pressure for longer bouts.