Sword Perk Points


Okay, so I started playing again and got back on track even though I previously said I wasn’t going to play until a new patch/update on my previous thread after being frustrated over glitches/bugs and losing all of my saved data, upon playing I remembered something that always bothered me. There’s a total of 10 sword combos, one of which is given by training with Captain Bernard, so in the game you can only reach level 20 for a total of 8 perk points for swords. So, because of this we are unable to get all the combos in the game and we can only try out the 1 combo we can’t get in a new playthrough. Is this an oversight or some arbitrary limitation to add re-playability to the game?


An interesting observation. However, personally, I’ve never ever been able to perform a 4-step combo, so it is not an issue for me. I’m curious if anyone can.


I have, It’s very effective, but hard to pull off, the only combo perk I ignore is the “Run Through” perk for longswords because it just looks silly how the AI ragdolls when they fall. Still, I want to be able to have all the perks available.


They expect you to specialize in either agility swords (short, hunting, sabre) or strength swords (long, bastard).

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Yep, this.

Same story for mutually exclusive perks here and there. I can’t say that KCD perk system is extremely deep, and hardcap of 20 for all stats and skills doesn’t make it deeper, so that was the solution - you can’t take all, so chose wisely (or brew respec potion and be good).