Sword Training Tips


So I want to practice with sword and shield and level up my stats. Ideally, I would just go to Bernard in Rattay BUT I am getting a bug where my sword disappears into oblivion when I do train with him (wherever I put it, my sword vanishes).

So… Can anyone recommend a way to train with sword? I don’t want to do real combat and I’d rather not try the Tournament yet, not sure if I even can. Thanks.

DLC1 has also a combat arena(but you can´t learn masterstrikes).

Do you use a mod? If yes, try without!

Would I have to build it in the town Henry is given?

No, I’m not using a mod. I have noticed a few others have encountered this bug.

Are there any other combat arenas/trainers that I could use?


I don’t know if you can train with Robard at Talmberg or just pay him to bump your skills. In Beta you could spar at the army camp near Merojed, which was so much more believable. If you train with real swords, maybe try it with the wooden one. Keeps your armor from being badly hammered and I can’t say I’ve noticed anything missing afterwords.