Swords for top pledgers


When I pledge you on Kickstarter about 3 years ago,
you promised to me to get real sword.

Wenzel der Faule - 600 pound - “Sword: You will receive hand made, forged, one-handed sword. It will be sharpened and ready for battle. This is not a toy!”

Where can I find it now? Is it already finished?
I think that three years are anough time to craft them all …



They are in production, and are part of the physical product (for that tier) that will be released in 2017… so I’d expect you’ll receive it in… wait for it.


Welcome to the forum again!

Check this video for the swords:


@Lieste - thanks!

I get similar answer when I asked one year ago. “The swords are in production, wait for them until February 2016”

So I would preffer fixed date & conditions.
If the swords are in production, I would also appreciate list of pledgers, that already received the sword.
Honestly - it looks at the moment as a big scam…

@ Blacksmith - nice video, thanks!
If you need to create 100 swords, you create 100 per month and the video was published in April 2016, does it mean that all the swords are in the hands of top-pledgers in February 2017?


No one does have his sword yet, and yes, they are still in production, as we have to produce a lot of them. We will send them out together with the game in 2017, this is not a scam. We also have to produce swords for the new limited edition, but they are a bit different from the ones of the kickstarter Tiers you can see in the video.


I do not think that a one-man company of a small weapons smith can crank out 100 swords in a month. To actually make a sword, you need to forge the pieces rough, then fine, then grind and file them, polish them, assemble them etc. etc.

In a month of roughly 30 days, there are about 20 workdays, and I HIGHLY doubt you can make 5 swords per day.

I had a wheellock pistol handmade by a polish master craftsman, and it took him almost a month to make the lock, and the whole pistol took him more than 2 months.

Old fashioned crafts are time consuming. Also, I doubt the small smithy could afford to lose potential customers, by working exclusively for Warhorse Studios for months on end. I assume, they are making a few swords for KCD, then a few for other customers, then a few more KCD ones etc. etc.

Also, I always understood any of the backer rewards to come along with the game…when the game is finally done. And I for one would prefer Warhorse to take the time they need to ship the best possible game, rather than rushing it.


PS: I only regret not going high enough of a tier to get a sword. :confused: Wonder if one could upgrade, still?


you can upgrade BUT

  1. the sword will be a bit different one from the one Kickstarter backers will get (but not worse in quality)
  2. you will lose rewards from Earl tier and will get only what in the Limited Edition… but comparing those two, it seems that you will lose nothing

It seems you are good to go :smiley:


Tempting. where would I do so, and what was the price?


here: https://www.kingdomcomerpg.com/en/get-the-game


Will you be doing any additional videos on the proper care of the swords once we receive them?


Only this from the kickstarter:


True to that!


I keep getting emails saying I need to update my profile for in-game rewards, though I have already updated my account to the full extent (including images for the in game mural).

Also, I was reviewing my backer tier and as an Emperor class, our hand forged swords were supposed to have personalized inscriptions while the later added tier with sword would come with a default inscription. Why was I told that I would not be able to personalize my inscription?

At the Emperor tier we are also to receive two copies of the game (digital and hard copy). I would like two different versions; one for PC windows and one for PS4, though I haven’t seen an option for that. Looking forward to the answers.


That makes me a bit angry. The tier I chose offered a sword and in game mural. But this limited edition pc version offered a short sword, no mural but most of the other physical gifts for a tenth the price of the Emperor Tier… This makes me want to down grade and get a significant amount of money back and nearly all of the same loot.


I need to check about the emails, it is a bit difficult to tell why you are still getting them and which email you got. It may would help if you answer to that email instead of posting here in the forum about it, so we can see directly what is going on.

About the two copies, it should be possible to give you a Windows and PS4 copy.


I am also getting emails telling me to update and did so ages ago. Also do we have to input what details we want on the sword if so how do we do this please as it’s not on the profile page.



Okay, I have seen that is was a mail to all users. Not for a specific user.


I think they updated or changed the info screen, because I also got the email, and found that where I had previously put my state, was no meant to be a zip code, so I would encourage you to do what I did, go back and delete all the boxes so you can see exactly what is supposed to be in what, and fill it out again. Phone number requirements also changed as well, and it doesnt tell you until you go to update.