System crash, BSOD


I know this isn’t really the place to post stuff like this, considering this is a game forum (for a specific game) and not just a random hardware/software forum. But at this point I’m running out of ideas what to do.

So a few weeks back I finished my new pc. Last week I returned my motherboard under warranty and last weekend I rebuild my system. Ever since the rebuild I have had random BSOD crashes, with the code: power state driver failure.

I’ve tried searching on google, found out it usually is a driver issue. Tried updating the driver/bios of my motherboard and videocards. And still got the BSOD. With some further searching I was reading some stuff how it might be RAM related, so I tested my RAM and found no problems.

Some sites referred me to the device manager and I had to search for devices with problems. I found 2. A networkcontroller and a unknown device. Tried updating both drivers, didn’t work. Tried deleting both devices, didn’t work they would just pop up again after awhile.

So at this point I’m getting desperate about what to do or what the problem would be.

I will try to include a file, logging the crashes. If someone could help me, that would be great!BSOD.txt (12.4 KB)


Would try to disable all drivers and test it while enabling one after another, start with most suspicious…


How would I disable the drivers? Through the device manager?


It is fine, no problem about this thread. Although I have no idea how to help you.


I’m sorry, cant tell you now how to do it, because I’m bound to Linux for next several hours. Meanwhile you can try to boot into safe mode to see if problem persists or not and possibly see a list of loaded components, if something gives you more precise error, or you can try to disable through device manager, but I think that won’t do much.
edit: Such disabling of drivers has one fault, it wont uninstall them completely, so kernel will still most likely load the core of drivers anyway.

Sorry, I’m more Linux user than Win user lately, so I don’t remember much…

Edit: or more easily, try to uninstall drivers one by another, untill your system seems to be stable, then test it only without that one.


You can try to take a deeper look into your dump file.
I used a tool like this:

Here you should be able to find the causing .sys file.


Did you get the (exact) same motherboard? Have you installed Windows again, after changing the motherboard?
Try to install the drivers from the CD/DVD of the (new) motherboard! Normally this drivers work better than the one from the windows installation. After this there shouldn´t be any missing devices in the device manager.

Deinstall/plug off every hardware you don´t need. All additional cards (maybe soundcard/networkcard). If you have a SSD and HDD, only use the SSD. Change the sata port. How many RAM ports are used? Two of four? Change!

Is your Windows bundled to the motherboard/bios?
Install Windows new…
Try to install Windows7 and than upgrade to Win10…

Good luck :slight_smile:


I was going to try to re install Windows, but now a USB port has died, which is the same reason why I returned the old board under warranty.

Never heard of a headset destroying USB ports, but it has happened 3 times already


If you know your headset destroyed your USB port please replace it or use an usb hub to avoid damages of your main board.


Just to update.

I have reinstalled windows (turned out to be a entirely new problem on it own but never mind that)

The pc works, for now. Even my supposed destroyed USB port works again…
I have no idea what changed. I redownloaded/installed all drivers multiple times. But the damn thing would keep crashing and stay broken.

I’ll just remember to be nice to any techpriest I’ll ever meet, because I honestly don’t know what has happened now. But I am just glad it works.
(Techpriest being any ict guy ever.)