System requirements question


I’m not exactly tech savvy, so I’m unsure if my laptop meets the system requirements for this game.

What I found out about the laptop:
intel xeon cpu E3-1505m v5 2.8 ghz
32 gb ram
intel HD graphics P530
NVIDIA quadro M1000M (not sure if relevant, but shows up in the directX diagnostic tool under ‘render’)

Will the game run at al? Will it look okay?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hard to say game might launch or not but I afraid its hardly playable with those specs but idk some ppl say 25 fps is good and 30 excellent It kinda depends. I personally prefer clean 60 or more ofc in games.


Thanks for your reply.
It doesn’t sound like it would be a good idea for me to try it with this setup, then. What would you say is the main reason it wouldn’t run well? Is it something I’m likely able to upgrade, or should I forget about playing the game on this laptop alltogether?


NVIDIA quadro M1000M

There are some powerful gaming laptops out there, I don’t think yours is one of them. Xeon CPU’s are not known for blazing performance, they are work horses for the long haul, not sprinting (ie gaming).


too bad, I guess I’ll wait to buy the game till I have a new computer then. Thanks for answering my question.