T-Shirt sizes & print?


Sure, I agree :-] We are producing black shirts for our merchandise shop as we speak :-]


Hello @DrFusselpulli, @WH_JiriRydl and @TobiTobsen, will there by (Fund - My profile - Rewards) an option to chose a xxl version of t-shirt?

Thank you for the answer.


Probably not, no one wants them. But we can make one for you!


I was just curious. My brother @Ardagast apriciated it, but he isn´t active on forum. You are the same “big guy” as him. Is XL size enough for you? :blush:


I am very muscle guy and XL is fine :-] But as I said, we have a few XXL in our office, because no one wants them, we can send them by request (even now :-]). Thank you and your brother for support!


Lol allot of us Mericans will be XXL.


Jogging! :-]


Ok, thanks for your answer. I think we will wait for regular sending of rewards :wink:


No one wants them? Sheesh… I usually go for the 3XL version, as I like my shirts roomy.
Another game company I test a game for, resorted to sending me messenger bags, zippos, and other “dev exclusive” things, because the 2XL’s and 3XL’s were always the first ones to be grabbed. The “gift” dev even pleaded with the testers, trying to persuade us to dress up our girlfriends, wives and kids instead… He had a whole lotta S and M’s just collecting dust :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, 3XL is my preferred shirt size. I’m big and tall, so even a 2XL is not often great for me. I hope there will be a way to get larger than XL by the time rewards are sent out.


Is this still the case? I just recently asked this in another (old) thread since I didn’t see this one here. Would be really awesome to not just have a shirt that looks cool, but to have one I can actually wear :wink:


We are gathering preliminary information about the T-shirts, we can add new sizes in the future :slightly_smiling:


Is there any further update on sizing? It appears that XXL was added as of today, not sure when that happened. Wondering when final selections have to happen.


I have to ask…I recall giving a shirt size. But don’t recall which one. and I have since lost enough weight to go down a size or two.

So…where can I see and/or change my shirt size?


You talk about your pre order bonus shirt?


No. The Kickstarter Backer T-shirts.


Not yet, but you can alsways contact me about stuff like this, and I could take a note in your profile. It is not sure yet, which sizes we will have, so you can´t vote for now.


Thanks… I reckon to be 80 lbs lighter by the time KC:D gets released, compared to when I backed it, so… I have still a bit of road ahead, and will know my final size end of this year, so… :slight_smile:


Good job! :slight_smile:


I am saving up for a ca 1600 3/4 armour, so I better shed some weight, or metal prices alone will bankrupt me :smiley:

Plus I hear, metal wardrobe has some extra persuasive power, when it comes to stayyin at a healthy weight XD