T-Shirt sizes & print?

A couple of very quick questions for Warhorse:

  1. Will we be able to select a t-shirt size for the Collector’s Edition (Earl+) and if not what will size will it be?

  2. What will the print be like, similar to the image shown on the Kickstarter Earl reward?

(Oh, and also - Will the art book be a hardback?)

Thanks in advance for the info.

Good questions. I was wondering about t-shirts too. In the worst scenario i would give small shirt to my girlfriend :smiley:

in the first kickstarter email:

When your reward is ready, Warhorse Studios will send you a survey via email to request any info needed to deliver your reward (mailing address, t-shirt size, etc).

Ah, thanks for the reply Saladan - Don’t know how I missed that one!

(prob. as was only considering digital tiers at the time).

There will be more than one variant of the t-shirt. But which arts exactly will we offer is still to be decided.


@MadSmejki - Thanks a lot for the info, much appreciated.

More than one choice sounds excellent to me. :thumbsup: I would prefer something highly artistic (concept art from the game for instance) as opposed to just a logo/emblem, but obviously that might be too much of an expense.

I hope 3XL is an option for big and tall people like me!

I think so.
Our company makes t-shirts and it costs normally all the same (S-3XL).
Maybe only the print is on a 3XL smaller than on a S shirt :smile:

I didn’t even notice the t-shirt size on my pledge page - is there a way to change it after the fact? I am not a woman (I swear) and I most certainly am the opposite of “Small”.

There is may be a little misunderstanding! What @MadSmejki meant is, that there will be several different shirts in the future shop. But the backer shirts will be unique ones just for you, who deserve one :slight_smile: . But the exact print is not sure yet.

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However, I had to laugh a little about the placement of the topic… ‘hardware’… heh-heh heh-heh-heh…

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I would also appreciate it if there were more selection at the T-Shirt sizes (2XL, 3XL) for big and tall people like me!

Is there anything new to report about how large the shirt options will go?

Bumping this up. Topping out at XL seems like an odd choice. And makes the shirt useless to me.

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Will there be a option to choose between a white and a black t-shirt ?

as far as I know black shirts exist. But I have no idea how to officially get them as official shop page was shut down.

My question refers to the backer t-shirt. A black shirt will be great !

oh, in that case i have no idea.
Maybe @DrFusselpulli can answer that.

Though release of Act1 is far away so lot of things can change.

At least I know who knows the answer to this, @WH_JiriRydl :slight_smile: