Tables cant be loaded

When I start the game i get the error when i start the game i see the loading screen for a second and then
ERROR- Database system error - tables cant be loaded

pls help me i want to play the game

Try verifying game files or reinstalling first

verifying does not work it stops instantly

havent tried reinstalling cause it has like 60 GB

Hello Arassis. It might be time to bite the bodkin. Reinstall, have a drink or a strong cuppa tea and give it another go. It’s worth it.

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Yea I will try

But I will lose my game files right?

So cool I cant deinstall the game no interact with it I now deleted the game files in my epic games folder but I cant repair it nothing its broke as fck

Hello again. I searched google for ‘Database system error - tables cant be loaded’ and found several sites that offered help. They were specifically for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Good luck.