Terrible footsteps sound

Hey guys,

For the love of God! Please, someone, make a mod with quieter(normal) footsteps. I tried but I can’t find what to change in the footsteps.txt It’s too complicated and my footsteps sound like I’m a galloping horse, especially on gravel and mud roads. It actually sounds like a group of people are running not only me. On grass, they sound normal, I guess.

I would appreciate any help since it’s very immersion breaking for me.

I second that. The footsteps sound is way too loud. Especially, those of the horse.

It’s actually a bug if you think about it. I can’t honestly comprehend why one man walking sounds like a small army. Hoof steps are also quite loud, I agree but also walking on wood. I’m not expecting the Devs to fix these issues (I wish though) so we’ll need a modder’s help to solve them.

Please, guys if anyone can improve the footsteps and hoofsteps, let us know! The files are located in
(Kingdom Come - Deliverance\Data\GameData.pak\Libs\GameAudio).

These files seem to be useless for the task. We need to extract the actual wav files from the Fmod banks. While it is possible, we cannot compile new banks since the Fmod project available is only for the base game.

We can change the specific footstep type with another though. For example replace the footsteps on rocky roads with the footsteps on dirt or grass.

Here is a guide for modding sounds as I said try it for yourself,be in control.All tools are free to use.

For music files change .sqcb to .ogg and play in VLC or equivalent music player.

Thanks, I know about that guide. But the Fmod project it references is for the base game only. It doesn’t include neither DLCs nor patches.

I did not know that ,thanks for the information. Good to know before I actually look at it ,saved me some time.

I looked at the files tonight.

Be A Silent Assassin who is quiet in his footsteps over various surfaces.

A Silent Ninja Henry And Horse:: Quiet footsteps over Rock ,Wood, Water, Mud Puddles Wicker,Thatch.

A Silent Assassin Henry Only: Quiet footsteps over Rock ,Wood, Water, Mud Puddles.

Of Course If Henry or Horse Jumps your gonna make a noise.

Extract or copy files into the Kingdom Come Deliverance Folder.

Credits and Uninstall:
Delete File in mods folder

Do Not Forget to add +exec user.cfg -devmode To Launch Options or Short Cut To Game For Mods To Work Correctly