Testing my badge

Am i the only one that thinks that the ‘Badges’ should be REAL badges and not just one word of text beneath your nickname?!

I would love to see something like Path Of Exile did! Go to their forums and check it out.

“Survivor Supporter” that’s what i mean!


Yeah, I can flood too to test my badge :smiley:

Testing badge … test

testing badge…test

success! Bow before me peasants!

Testing… Testing… 1 2 3

I might as well test my badge also.

Hell yes, awesome badges :smiley:

Testing… (post must be at least 20 characters long)

absolutely thats right Aeternus :slight_smile:

Testing … testing and still testing

Testing testing 1, 2, 3

Testing (the same e-mail address here and on Kickstarter)

Edit: Thanks.

testing testing testing

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Hi there!
I’m new here and wanted so see my badge and say hi!



one more test. One, two, three, check.

Testing testing, just want to see if it’s worked :slight_smile: Oh dear, why the heck does my name show up in all caps? And no badge…

Testing testing, one two three

Apparently you have to type something twenty characters long… interesting.

Just a test. Nothing to see here.

funny topic! So testing …